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Triumph TR6 - So painfully close....

I'm in the home stretch here, and the end is in sight. Gotta get at least one good drive in the car before putting her away for winter. The safety check is tomorrow...rescheduled twice already, once more and I'll scream.

Latest pics are here...

Click here for the whole gory saga...

Really wanted to have it done for Bronte but I didn't want to rush and risk doing a poor job. I'll just have to wait 'til spring to meet the rest of the Southern Ontario gang. Ancaster?

Guess I can't complain...the car followed me home in January and the only part of the job I farmed out was the paint spraying. Nine months isn't too bad...I sorta figured it would take me until next spring.

At least the block sanding dreams have stopped.


PS: Still desperately need one of those world famous TR6 CD' there anyone local who wouldn't mind sending me one?
R Brophy

Awsome job Rob.

I remember those sanding dreams too. When I sanded my TR to bare metal...7 layers of paint...I wondered many times what I got myself into. I would sand for 2 to 3 hours after work for a few weeks.

Your woodworking skills really paid off on that dash you refinished. I paid big bucks for someone else to make mine for me. Great work.

How about some of you Ontario guys come down to Detroit next year, September, for the Battle of the Brits? It's only about 45 minutes from either the Ambasador or Blue Water bridges. How about anybody from Canada come down? Some of us USA guys will come up to Bronte next year too.
HP Henry Patterson

Thanks Henry,

The $200 for sodablasting was the best money spent on this project. The hi-fill epoxy primer came in a close second.

You wouldn't believe how easy it is to reveneer the dash. There are so many good quality paper backed veneers available that anyone can do it in their basement shop with modest tools and supplies.

I'd love to drive to Detroit (I lived in Sarnia in my youth), but I suspect I'll have a few months of bugs to work out of the car next spring...after all, it sat for 15 years. If I can make to Bronte next year, I'll be thrilled...Rob

R Brophy

Rob- Is it Zebra wood?

Hi Don,

No, it's just plain old flame maple. The secret is to apply a few good coats of boiled linseed oil to the dash before adding any colour. It really pops the grain. Let the BLO dry for a couple days and buff with a soft cloth, then finish like normal.

R Brophy


Where are you, I am in Dundas and can copy the cd for you?

Bob Craske

Hi Bob,

I'm just a little south of you in Niagara Falls and would really appreciate a copy!

Could you email me and I'll get back to you with my snail mail address?

Many thanks,
Rob Brophy


I had s similar window winder in my 73 MGB! I'm jealous of the paint! Nice job.

Don from Jersey

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