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Triumph TR6 - South Central Ontario Tour and BBQ- July 15

Nancy and I would like to host a tour and BBQ.

I am suggesting July 15 (Sunday)

Leave Georgetown ON 10 AM for a 3-4 hour tour through the Niagara Escarpment in Halton, Wentworth counties.
Return to our place in Georgetown for 2 PM or so and have a BBQ.

That way people can leave at 4 and get back to where they came from not too late. Of course any one is welcome to stay later if getting home later is not a problem.

If interested drop me a line. I will provide directions and firm up things with any one who contacts me.

This is open to non TR6 owners as well.


gendeliveryATcogecoDOTca substitute AT and DOT as needed.

Mike Petryschuk
69 TR6
Michael Petryschuk

As you know, both my buddies own MG's (you met Jean and Joe)and I will ask them to come along.
Sounds good to me. Got any cool places to stop and rest?

Oh ya got any good places with a view to take a pic? ( I think you remember our last trip together and you said this is a good spot to take a pic....through the fog:)

BYOWP for the BBQ nes pa? Can we bring anything else?
Cheryl and Rick
Rick Crawford

Sounds like fun and I'd like to meet you all but it's probably a little far for me. I'm roughly 30 miles to either the Blue Water Bridge, Sarnia or the Ambassador Bridge, Windsor. I may have to wait for the Bronte show..although i don't know where that is either but I think it's on the S.W. side of Ontario..True?

HP Henry Patterson

Great Rick

Yes there are some great spots for stopping and for pictures.

Haven't worked out the details of the BBQ until I get a good feel for the final numbers. I will let you know what you can bring as we get closer to the date.

It will be good to see Joe and Jean again.


Georgetwon is about 2.5 - 3 hours EAST from Sarnia via the 402 and 401. The 402 ends and merges onto the 401 at London ON. We are about 10 minutes north of the 401 just before you reach Mississauga. You can take take the Ambassador bridge route but it will be about an hour longer.

British Car day in Bronte Creek Provincial park is about the same travel time (maybe a little less) via the 402, 401, 403 (picked up at Woodstock) and QEW (picked up in Burlington). The park is on the border of Burlington and Oakville and is about 45 minutes southwest of where I live.

Hopefully you can attend one or the other or both. British Car day is very impressive with 1000 plus British cars making the event. If interested in our BBQ tour send me a note and I will give you specific directions.

Michael Petryschuk

Thanks Mike,

I can't make the BBQ but hopefully I'll make it to Bronte. I know those highway's pretty well. We travel through Ontario to New York on our way out to the east coast every summer (except this one). Before 403 was finished (a long time ago for sure) I had to continue up 402 to Guelph (was it route 2?) and then hit the QEW from there...if my memory serves me correctly.

HP Henry Patterson

I have a count of 4 cars so far. Can I get nore interested?

Michael Petryschuk

It does not look like Joe and Jean will make it. On Saturday, Joe came over for a visit and then took the long way home. He was passing an apple orchard farm tractor and the guy did a left turn on him. The front passenger side totally smuked and Joe hit his head on the rear-view mirror. 10 stitches. He had just put the original spoke steering wheel on the day before. It is bent to you know what. You might say he is not a happy camper.
Rick Crawford

Hi Mike. I am "out of cmmission" sort of with my left arm in a cast (broken elbow now with some hardware) However my right arm is ok so I can shift gears. Bonnie & I would like to join you. Put us down as TENTATIVE & I will let you know the week before.
ps it took me 10 min to type this using my index finger.
Pete Russell

Sorry to hear about Joe and Jean, particularly Joe. I hope the injury isn't too serious and he heals fast. Something similar almost happened to me when I was 20. My Dad had a 914 Porsche. I was travelling on a farm road with my girlfriend (now wife) and came up on a tractor. Just as I am overtaking the tractor, the driver starts to turn left into his driveway. Luckily he did see me and straightened out as I went onto the left hand shoulder of the road. I managed to stay out of the ditch. Ever since I make sure any tractor knows when I am pulling out to pass.

Pete- glad to hear you are alive and kicking. Hopefully the arm will be all healed and you can make it. How'd you break it?

How about some more participants? Anyone else?
Michael Petryschuk

Seems like a rather common problem, slower traffic turning left just as you're about to pass. Happened to me twice. The first time I was driving a 62 AH Sprite. top down, just me and my then girl friend. Took the ditch, managed to cross over a culvert at an angle and stay parallel to the ground rather than rolling and after 30 feet to so in the air landed in a graveled parking area. Only damage was some scratches to the underside from the gravel. The luck of youth.

The second time I was with a different girl friend, now my wife of several decades. Wasn't so lucky the 2nd time. Driving a 66 Buick Special, 6 banger, stick on the column (rather budget constrained in those days). Again took the ditch, but wiped out the car. Only personal harm was a broken zipper when I fell out of the driver's door after everything stopped.

Rick, my sympathies and best wishes for quickly healing for your friends and their car.
Doug Baker

Joe and Jeans MG. The tractor driver was charged with improper left turn.

Rick Crawford

Michael Petryschuk

And the weather was great for our Tour and BBQ today.

6 cars, 11 participants. In and around the Niagara Escarpment around Hamilton Ontario.

Here are a couple of pictures.

Michael Petryschuk

Picture number 2.

130 miles.

Michael Petryschuk

Mike and Nancy,
A very good day was had by all. Good people, good roads ,good weather, and good food...what more could one ask for.
Thanks for the great day.
The image: Barry Quartermaine in front of me with Pete Russell just visible going around the hair pin turn.
Rick Crawford

I thought I attached an image. OOPS.

OK so you have to make the file size smaller.

Rick Crawford

Yes, it was a great day - sixpac of sixes which drew a few comments from onlookers. Rick, I hope your navigator took that picture or else you were very busy through those bends!


BJ Quartermaine

Hey Guys
Looks like you had some nice roads
I was at the brits in the park at Lindsy'
any one going to Uxbridge on july 22.
Cheers malc

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