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Triumph TR6 - Stromberg vs SU

Just an inquiry as to weather people given the choice would rather have SU's on their cars vs Strombergs (U.S patrons I would guess) I've not given up on mine "YET" but am unimpressed so far and what I've read on the Strombergs isn't promising either. I've had good luck with SU's in the past I'm just wondering if they are that superior to the
JT White

In a performance comparison, it would be a draw. Ease of maintenance and tuning, HS6 is a winner. Much simpler carb, no temp compensators, and so on.....
I'm happy with mine, they haven't been a long as I leave them alone... ;)
Rod Nichols

Rod, I take it you mean your happy with your Stromberg's? Money is an issue with the rebuild of this car but if the SU's are that superior then I may opt to get them to relieve some headaches in the future...however if a properly adjusted/sorted Stromberg will provide dependable service then I'll leave well enough alone. As stated before, my first impressions with them are anything less then positive.
JT White

No, sorry I didn't clarify. My ZS's are in Ziplock bags on a shelf in the shop. HS6 SU's now, and for the last 6 years.
Rod Nichols

I got a couple of beautiful strommies in storage.¤t=carbs2.jpg

Maybe I've been lucky with my ZS's. The car starts well, idles a bit fast, accelerates without a hesitation, and runs smoothly at any steady speed. However, I have nothing to compare to so I'm not sure if I should be expecting more power on take off. What are the typical symptoms when the Strombergs begin to go south giving reason to switch to SU's?

Ken Shaddock

I had ZS and spent many hours just getting them right ( temp compensators etc )but they always somehow went slightly out of adjustment by themselves...installed SU's 4 years ago and love them..I only visit them a couple of times to check the damper levels.
Sunny and warm here in South West the car out and running great with the top down ! C'mon summer
Charlie B.

This thread was discussed between 16/03/2010 and 17/03/2010

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