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Triumph TR6 - Sway Bar Poly's

Just new sway bar poly set moss 681-265 (page 31).
The poly's for under the rad area are not cut and unless they are they won't go on. I'm hoping just to cut one half on an angle and twist them on.
The poly's for the link assembly's will need to be shaved down as there is not enough bolt thread sticking out for me to grab with the nyloc.
Anyone else run into this ?? I thought they would arrive already to go.
Charlie Ballard

Hey, Charlie. I ended up cutting the A.S. bar bushings, too. But probably don't need to - might be able to boil them to soften enough to slip over the end, then oil/grease the bar to slide them along. I took the easy way out.

On the Link bushings I have rubber on top of the bar, PU everywhere else. Just a little bit of "give", you know. I did use a jack to get the nut on - those PU bushings are stiff. Also, I left the top link bracket loose on both ends to get the link alignment as close to vertical on both sides, then tightened.

Brent B

Hi Brent,
I'd be suprised if I could heat it to soften it enough to slip over the flared end?...
I'll end up cutting it I'm sure.
Charlie Ballard

Yup - I used my belt sander and 120 grit to shave the poly to fit.

John Parfitt
73 5 speed.
John Parfitt

Hi John,
Did you shave to a specific size ? How do you know what is the proper thickness to allow the nut on and the right compression when snug?
Charlie Ballard

Based on a test fit of the swaybar end link it appeared I needed to remove about 1/4 inch of plastic to expose enough thread. Not an exact science - just removed approx. that amount with the belt sander and was then able to get the bar endlinks installed with the shaved bushings.

John Parfitt

I tried heat w/o any success. I cut them straight across and put the cut towards the rear and down figuring that portion receives the least force. With the clamping force from the yoke and u-bolt, you could probably put the seam any direction w/o a problem except up. I'm 2+ years 3K miles w/ no problems.

Remember to use silicone or teflon grease to prevent squeaks, just make sure it is poly compatible.

Best luck. W


Hi Charlie
I got mine over the ends with a bit of brute force and some washing up liquid without cutting them, although they are probably all the same I got mine from TRGB.
R. Algie

Hi all
I cut them on an angle and they went on fine...trying to get the nuts on the u-bolts without removing the rad !!! I need to stretch my fingers somehow !
That's my project today
Thanks Guys,
Charlie Ballard

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