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Triumph TR6 - Switch Plinth

Since I am fitting a new choke cable and new heater valve cable, I figured I would replace the switch plinth (the crash pad in the middle with the 4 or 5 knobs for heater etc.). I ordered one from TRF and it arrived the other day. My question is whether or not it should have a bracket attached on the right had side - I haven't removed the old one yet, but it seems to have a bolt holding it to the dash panel on the right hand side. I saw a couple of used ones at Carlisle the other day and they had a bracket attached. Of course, it didn't occur to me to see if the bracket was separate or part of the plinth itself. Just wanted to get my facts straight before I call to complain.

A Hewitt

For some reason, the new center plinth do not come with the bracket. This is why people pay ALL THE MONEY for nos center plinths. What you can do, is cut off the bracket, install it on your new plinth by using the bolt that holds one of your knobs.

Hope this will help you out...


here's another picture...



Thanks for the advice and pictures. I called TRF to see what they had to say about the missing bracket, and after a bit of investigation (asking Dave!) they said that the bracket hasn't been on replacements for over 20 years. They assured me that the two screws on the front would be enough to hold it firmly in place, but I think I will go with your idea of adding the old bracket - I haven't looked at the mounting properly yet, but doesn't using half of the old backing plate make the plinth sit at an angle?

Thanks again
A Hewitt

Not putting the altered bracket makes it sit oddly. Remember, the original had the bracket bolted on one side only.
I'm glad I was able to help!!

Thanks guys. Y'all solved my problem too!!
Doug Baker

This thread was discussed on 19/05/2008

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