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Triumph TR6 - Tap & Die set

Hi Guys,
Any leads on a reasonable quality / priced tap & die set that features fine threads for our cars ?
Most of the ones I've seen are for metric and/or coarse and fine..none for fine only.
Charlie B.

Charlie- get one w/ fine and course. You'll use both you will be surprised.

Hi..Charlie..Keep a eye on the Candain tire flyer...They have a set that comes on sale often for around the $50. I have not found it missing any tap or die that I have needed.

Peter B.
Peter Becker

Rick agrees with Peter
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks Guys !
Charlie B.

do you want something that cuts new threads or cleans up existing ones 2 different tools, thread chaser from snap on that does imperial and metric about $120.00

General clean up and fixing threads slightly damaged at ends....the Crappy Tire one will be ok I'm sure...If needed I have a friend able to make new bolts etc.
Charlie B.

Hi..Charlie....Don't forget you are lucky to have one of the best source of nuts, bolts, clips, snaps, etc, in your own town..."SPAINER"....what they carry in fasteners is amazing
Peter Becker


If CT doesnt work out, try JEGS on-line, great stuff, lots of choice and good pricing

Bob Craske

Thanks guys,
I picked up a basic set for $60 at CT...seems to work fine.
All the higher priced stuff there only deals with course thread and metric
Charlie B.

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