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Triumph TR6 - Tonneau Cover Installation

Beautiful sunny day here in Massachusetts, just about to go for a top down cruise as it is 74 and sunny.
I recently purchased a Tonneau for my 72 and it seems as though one was on the car before(mounting studs near windshield)my question is as the cover moves back from the windshield and goes to the door do you need to put mounting snaps on the door tops inside or out, the material is enough to over lap the door top and side window channels. I am not sure whether I should be drilling the door tops or not.
Thanks as always,
KBD Dixon

all original TR6 came with studs for the tonneau including the spiked ones at the windshield
The studs for the doors are nice small plastic ones that are attached on the outside of the door on the top. Obviously your car was repainted and they filled in the holes. You are going to have to drill new holes and buy the small plastic male portions of the snaps. I would use stainless steel rivits, stronger and less chance of corrosion between the 2 types of metal.

you want the tonneau really tight so that it does not resonate while driving and there is a stud on the pass seat for a hold down for the middle strap

Thanks Steven, there is no hold down strap I think on my cover in the middle that is I will have to check it out again. I have it attached at the windshield and around the rim of the top I guess it's off to TRF I go for the door snaps I know what you mean about the resonation.
Thanks again Keith
KBD Dixon

Sure was a nice day in this part of the country...

Where is the stud supposed to be on the pass seat? I'm replacing my shrunken tonneau and all of the snaps and studs are there except for the one on the seat.

Thanks, W

It was also a nice day here in igloo country and Tuesday supposed to be 29*c. (to those Americans multiply this by 9, divide by 5 and add 32 you will find out how hot it is here) Anyhow the stud on the passenger seat is a silver spike that is on the pass seat right beside the trans tunnel. It is hard to find so I usually lift up the seat to tilt forward and you can not miss it.

But with weather like this who needs to use the tonneau cover?? I only use it on a cold fall day to have the heat belting out below

I too have one of these covers. It came with the car. Problem is, I can't get the cover to stretch to all the posts/snaps at one time. Do these shrink? If so they must also stretch out. Perhaps I am doing something wrong procedurally. Should the zipper be the last step? Any advice would be most appreciated.

maybe let the cover sit in the sun to warm up.. that will help it stretch to were you need to attach it to the snaps!

Like Neil says, let the sun stretch it/do the work for u. Apply vinyl/leather conditioner. Start with as many as u can attach, front to back with zipper zipped. Then do the sides. Piece a' cake!
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I agree with Rick. I had the same problem you have and after a lot of grunt work, found the easiest was to start with the spikes on the windshield and then the snaps back middle, then work out. Even now, ther are snaps that I can't get to meet, but it fits, sun helps a lot!
T. Grant

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