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Triumph TR6 - tr 6 Headlight Housing Replacement

Can anyone help with injected mold headlight housing replacements for TR 6?

Hmmm, what's the question?

Why not just buy the black buckets that fit EXACTLY. Mine have been on my car since rebirth back 10 years ago and not a speck of rust.

Now to answer your question DW..... Nope. Never heard of em.

Rick Crawford

The new ones are powder coated and last a lot long as Mr Crawford so eloquently responded

The headlight buckets from MGB are exactly the same................
T.G. Lawson


Not familiar with the injection moulded light bucket but echoing Rick and Don, the powder coated ones are far superior to the originals as far as rust resistance. But if you do plan to run it a lot in inclement weather- the plastics one may be a better long term buy. I would hope the heat from the headlamp would not weaken the plastic but that probably would be why they would wear out over time.

My steel ones have lasted well when purchased in 1978 and driven in winter from 1978 to 1983. The car was then removed from service and I reused the light fixtures when I rebuilt the car in 2005. No rust since but now the car only sees warm sunny days with the occasional drive in a downpour. No winter no salt.

Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 31/03/2011 and 03/04/2011

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