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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Differential


Just wondering if anyone may have any leads on where I
might find a differential for a '72 TR6.



Jim Watson, at spridgetatcharterdotnet, has a spare he might sell.
Dan Masters

Hi Bill

I have a spare which my wife doesn't think I need. I would guess shipping would be silly money from New Jersey, but let me know if you are interested. Can't guarantee the condition - I know it dribbled some oil when it was not horizontal (hence the wife's desire to get rid of it!)



Do you keep your spare TR parts in the living room?

Actually I know what you mean. I have a spare TR6 engine on a stand in the middle of the garage. Since we still park cars in there I occasionally get asked if I really need that thing that's been sitting there for two years. The answer is always yes of course.

HP Henry Patterson

Henry,I fixed that problem. I added on 700sq. feet to the existing 650 sq. we use for the cars. Now nothing is in the way.


If I could keep parts in the living room I would - the diff (and a spare gearbox) are in the basement. I only have a single garage so I try to keep as much out of there as I can. My little area of the floor taken up with two parts of a TR6 drivetrain us dwarfed by her chritmas decoration collection, among other things. Somehow, though, it is my spare differential, not her spare christmas tree, that is wasting space... I shouldn't complain - she let me buy a TR6 project when we had a 3 month old daughter!


PS - since I seem to have sold the diff to Bill, anyone want a spare gearbox (non OD)?

This thread was discussed between 13/11/2006 and 15/11/2006

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