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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Radio

Does anybody out there have an original AM/FM TR6 radio they want to sell? It does not matter if it works as long as it looks okay. I currently have a gray Koss cassette deck installed but have a spare original console. I just want to fill the hole in the console with original equipment. Thanks.

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

From what I have seen on e-bay Bob, those fellers are getting awfully pricey. Last AM I watched brought 120+ USDollars. The AM/FM ones bring over 200.00
Gene Holtzclaw

I have an original AM/FM radio manufactured by the Radio Division of the Bendix Corporation (probably a US add on as I guess most of such things were), that I MAY want to sell, when I get to the point in this restoration project of addressing the radio. Haven't gotten there yet. It was the first thing that I removed in stripping the car and will probably be the last thing put back. Check with me in a few months if you have not already found one by then. Cheers.
Doug Baker

You must remember that the radios fitted to these cars were all either dealer or post sale installations. There was no such thing as a "Factory OE" radio for the NA market. There were radios made by Motorola that were marketed as British Leyland radios, complete with the BL logo. They were supplied under the HAC part number series to the dealers for installation, but there were no 8-track units or later cassette units available under the HAC series of radios. To further confuse the matter, some dealers used the BL HAC series, some used other types of radios such as Audiovox, Pioneer, Blaupunkt, etc.

Bottom line is that an "original radio" in a TR6 was whatever happened to be fitted to that particular car. My 71 had an Audiovox 8 track in it when I purchased the car and it could have been installed by either Continental Cars in Austin TX or was a later installation, there is no real way of knowing for sure since the original bill of sale was long gone and I was the third owner. The guy I bought it from said that it was in there when he bought the car from the original owner.

I have an am/ fm cassette that came with car, works well looks good needs knobs. It fits original hole and everything, I was told it was original but again, not too many cassete decks in 1974.

Hey Bob:

I have the original dealer installed ('75) working Audiovox AM radio (which I have no attachment to).

PM me if interested.
P Johnston

SteveP is correct. I spent the '70s at the port of entry in New Orleans, working for the distributor that covered central US. We used Panasonic radios, and did the installation before the car was sent to the dealer.

So Paul... you got to drive my 6 before the first owner.
Rick Crawford

Rick, if it was bought in central US, there's a good chance. I had to pick a car from the line three times a week to drive home, and TR6 was always a good choice. Spitfires were popular in my driveway as well. All Jags were tested by edict of the boss, but they often didn't make it home and back. Marinas rarely needed to be tested, as that's what we had for a company car, at least until the TR7 came out. Thought the 7 was a really nice car, but never drove one with more than about 3,000 miles on it. One day after BL fled the US, I drove a TR7 with 40k on the clock, and couldn't believe how bad it was.

McLean's British had a few nice Triumph and BL branded radios for sale last time I was there;

On a related note I put a 1974 Blaupunkt push button radio in mine. D & M Restorations cleaned and overhauled it and it looks and works almost as good as new. Highly recommended.

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