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Triumph TR6 - TR6 replacement carbs

Hope you can offer some advice. I have a 74 TR6 with the emissions plumbing. I was gifted a set of Webber carbs and Id like to replace the Strombergs, however the Webbers do not have a vacuum fitting to run the vacuum advance for ignition timing. Can you offer advice on if its possible to tap into the manifold to run a vacuum to the distributor?
Miklos Dudevszky

Lucky you Miklos,

It's recommended that you tap into the new manifold for a vacuum port to run the distributor advance capsule. You only need to be careful to tap into before the butterflies as you want un-ported vacuum, i,e at idle and part throttle.
I do not think though that your new webers are jetted for your engine, so you might encounter running problems, unless you have access to a dyno. Webers are really good for tuned engines, with higher C.R, ported heads, wilder than standard cams e.t.c.
The benefit of these variable venturi carbs as opposed to the constant depression ones (strombergs) is that they come with an accelerator pump and they instantly pump gas into the engine for quicker pick-up acceleration among other things. The strombergs and S.U carbs depend on engine vacuum to supply fuel which takes more time.
Kypros Christodoulides

Looking for a full set of DCOE intakes.
Don Kelly

Hi Don,
try e-bay they turn up sometimes and not so expensive. try for the cannon manifold if you can.
Kypros Christodoulides

Figured the Cannon
Don Kelly

Don't worry about the lack of a vacuum connection. If the connection points to the rear of the car, it is a vac. retard capsule. Most people leave it disconnected. Early cars (69-70) had both vac. adv.&retard capsules, but after that, only a retard capsule was used.
BTP Price

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