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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Seats

Hello All

I am a new "proud owner" of a 1973 TR6...been a while since I worked on anything from the UK (Land Rovers many years ago) but am stumped at how to deal with the seats. They are really beat--cushions all but flattoned, springs gone--its like sitting on the floor, In fact, it is sittilng on the floor. Anyway, what seat options exist out there, if any? How beat can they be before reupholstery is no longer an option?

thanks folks...first of may questions to come i am sure.


scott sheppard

Welcome to the madness!
There are kits available for new foams, and your choice of vinyl and leather for seats and panel trim kits are offered by several suppliers. Way back in '02 when I was building my car, I asked for advice on what were the better kits to buy. One answer was to buy all from the same vendor, so colors and styles would match. Because of backorder issues, the carpet came from TRF, door panels and panel trim kit was Moss, and the seat covers were VB. I'm kinda bettin' they all might have come from the same little plant in GB! They all matched up, and I think it was one of the more enjoyable parts of building the car.
Have fun.....

Rod Nichols

Scott-The low rider effect is caused by the rubber diaphragm on the bottom of the seat deterioring. Some people resort to putting a phone book under the seat. The part is only about $20 from Moss or TRF.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Scott, I can send you some instructions on seat rebuilding. As Rod pointed out, all the components are available to rebuild your seat to like new OR, you can opt for a drop in (almost) set of seats from another car, like a Miata or in Europe a Mazda MX5. Send me your email address and I'll send some articles that may help you decide.
Doug Baker

Have em professionally done. Looks great

thanks for all the feedback folks...have not figured out how to respond directly to msgs so will include my email here///happy to receive any info you can send. I may look at the rebuild option as finding a narrow enough seat seems hard.

scott sheppard

Hi Scott

Welcome back to UK Engineering.

I purchased foam and parts (any of the regulars are good- Moss, TRF, Drake in BC, British Autosport in Troy ON)

I also bought some leather skins and had the covers made by a gentleman in Brantford.

My seats are the 70 style seat. I have the old foams if you want to cut and make your own if interested but I suspect your seats are a different style. I also have the old vinyl skins.

I will send you an e-mail of before and after.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael Petryschuk

You have email.
Doug Baker


Just happen to be around Georgetown this weekend, any chance of dropping in? Les
lw gilholme


thank you for the information...sorry for my delay in replying...have been in <london all week...actually made it down to the TR shop and got some bits...just in <heathrow ready to come back home...

kind regards

scott sheppard

I just received an email from Len Drake. You may want to check Drakes (of Kelowna, BC) re your needs. Here's a link to paste into your address bar. Good luck and as Rod says... welcome to the madness of this awesome passtime. Ken 76

Ken Shaddock

I to am a new owner of a 1970 TR-6, what did you end up doing with your seats? That's my next major project and I'm thinking of just taking it to be reupholstered at a local auto upholstery shop. Check out this site and see what he did with his seats.
spj steve

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