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Triumph TR6 - TR6 Valuation

How does one value a TR6. Obviously I can see how selling a left hand drive in the UK devalues one and how having a rustbucket also does. But if you have half a dozen UK models all in good condition then how do you differentiate whether it's worth 4K or 14K?
I've tried to determine a pattern by looking at models on ebay and Autotrader but am lost!! Even two similar models with history, PI etc and their worth can be completely different. Does having original panels,carpets etc make a difference? Does having a race tuned engine vary it? Any comments? Are there any particularly rare types of TR6's?

I would think have a "lefty" might make it a little more rare.. For sure this side of the pond a "righty" has a little more value as...shall I say... Original Equipment. Rare types in NA are "righties". Other than that, maybe the pre '72s might be worth a little more just because of less pollution crap and older age. A TOTALLY un-molested very good shape original paint one owner 6 with papers..yes has more value. And as far as new stuff on the car ( ie. new interiour) well that car has to be worth more than one with a ratty/tired interiour. Lets face it, a restoration of any vehicle adds value. The more you try to be like "off the show room floor" the higher the value. But this is all irrelavent. Who plans to sell their 6 anyway?
The best way to have a car "valued" is by a professional auto evaluator. It HAS to be done ( in NA for sure) for proper (replacement) auto insurance.
It has been 4 years since my last evaluation and when I see a TR6 for sale in Canada at $26,000...well I will have it done again in the spring.
Trying to "guess" yours cars worth is just that..a guess.
Rick C

Oh Ya ask for bulk discount:)
Rick Crawford

Surely with todays materials and parts a cars interior for example can be done to a standard 10 times better than an original. But is this what people want or do they want the original interior, less robust, less shiny, harder to use parts. Is this what people are after and will pay the extra for? My car has the original sales documents from 1974, this must be a nice addition to the car. However the wheels are not the steel originals but the much cooler looking revolutions. How does this alter its value?
And, no , I'm not thinking of selling, but maybe buying another:>

I always thought the steering on the "wrong" side for your country lowered the value.

Cool wheels seem to improve the value, not enough to justify putting them on to sell. The quality of any repairs definitely affect the value. The ability to just get in the car and enjoy it is worth a lot to someone who can afford it. Some people have no desire to spend time and money fixing, tuning, polishing, painting, welding, replacing seat foam (ugh)...the list goes on for years unless everything has been gone through and tested.

A near perfect car that gets top awards in shows and is in general better than new will bring as much as a new car. It probably cost the owner 2 or three times as much as he can sell it for. Even a perfect car may be a color that doesn't please a potential new owner, costing thousands to change.

A nicely redone interior in modern cloth might be more comfortable than the original, but would probably lower the resale value. Leather would probably increase the value.

Well said Tom,
the quality of the work, paint, interior or modifications is what adds value. Reverseable mods.
are always good if you catch that purist bug, but
modifidied vehicles routinely go for larger sums than originals at the big auctions. Mind you the big auctions seem to be attended mostly by guys with deep pockets and not much else, so that is not saying much.
When selling a classic car you rarely get what the car is insured for or what you invested in time or money.
Unless of course your type of car has all of a sudden become "hot" and sought after.
Triumphs are still an under valued car, their time hasn't come yet. But it will at some point in the future and then we will all have to boost our insurance
I'm taking my TR6 to the grave with me so its worth
is only of intrest when it comes time to pay the insurance company.
Christopher Trace

At the end of the day a car is worth what someone is willing to pay for it!
Assuming the condition is the same LHD cars in the UK tend to be worth quite a bit less than RHD because they don't have the performance of the PI cars and the steering wheel is on the 'wrong' side of the car, you could probably say it would cost about 1000 to convert or 500 as a DIY.
The biggest minefield is middle of the range priced cars, some of them can be very good value but others are tarted up rubbish for a quick profit.
Also in my opinion Ebay and Autotrader are not the best places to look,they tend to get the leftovers, probably better looking in the Classic magazines or the TR Register's mag TRAction.
A rough guide to PI cars [private sellers]
10,000 top quality car either original or restored with proof, a bit more if it has won a major concourse, again with proof.
4000-7000 the danger zone, you need to know TRs
2000-3000 restoration projects.
R. Algie

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