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Triumph TR6 - Tube vs Tubeless

Its spring, the snow is gone, and its almost top down time. This year new tires are in order although this topic may have been covered before, I am looking for an experienced recommendation.

I do not show my 76 TR6(although I could). I think I know which tire I need but I need your thoughts on which tire type will be a better choice and why? Coker offers two tires for this car. A Coker Classic tubless redline which is a Ployester/Steel constructed tire. They also offer a Michelin tubed tire which is steel belted. Is there a another option I haven't yet seen or another reliable dealer/manufacturer? Thanks
TJ McCabe

I replaced my original redlines w/ Vredestein Sprint Classics, 185HR-15. I chose them to keep the original size & profile as well as a period look. The Michelins are great tires, but they are pricey and I thought the redlines on a magenta car clashed...badly.

This is my second set of Vredesteins on a TR and they ride & handle well, braking is fantastic (at least compared to fossilized redlines), wet grip is good and they look the part on an otherwise original car. My only complaint is they seem soft and wear quicker than "modern" tires. Universal Vintage Tire in Pa carries them for roughly $110/ea., and when I was looking, my local Town Fair Tire and NTB said they could special order them.

Good luck! W

I replaced a set of the Coker's, which were really inadequate for the TR6, with Pirelli P4000 205/70 R15's about 5-6 years ago. A very nice tire, but I don't know if it's still available. They have a good & wide profile, and fit just fine in the body.

As for tube vs tubeless, These are tubeless tires and I remember reading that putting tubes in tubeless tires changes the way the tire moves when cornering. ...Don't know if that's fact or opinion.

I run them tubeless in Dayton wire wheels. How, you ask? I filled each spoke hole with metallic silicone rubber (after a GOOD cleaning with alcohol & acetone) from a caulking gun, let it set for 2 days, and followed up with a second dollop. DO NOT try and "work" the silicone with a knife to even it out - if you get an air bubble in there it will collapse and rupture when the tire is pressured and cause a leak. I know - that's why the second 'dollop'. But, after 5-6 years, I've had NO other leaks! Maybe I'm just lucky.

Brent B

Take a look at the redlines for Triumph TR6 at Diamondback Classics at this link (Picture is in middle of page.)
They are tubeless Dunlop Axioms, 205/70-R15.
Their actual "red line" application is much nicer than Coker's.

I have also been thinking of replacing my tires. I am kind of schizophrenic about whether to keep my car stock or not, but in this case I do not really want to spend a ton of money when I can get a better tire for much cheaper than a redline. E.g. the Cokers were $120/tire before mounting and balancing.

Keith, do you know how much the Diamondback option is? I suppose I can try to call them tomorrow.

For non-redline tires, I have been considering the Dunlop SP Sport AT (215/65/15), and the Goodyear Aquatread 3 (205/70/15, I live in Seattle, thus the interest in an all season tire). Both have great ratings in consumer reports. The Dunlop sounds like a great handling and all weather tire. I am leaning towards the Dunlop but am open to suggestions.

Ignatius Rigor

My Diamondback red-lines were $129 plus $12 freight each; total $564 for all four corners. This was back in 2001. Prices, as with everything else, may be higher now. The outsidewall with the red stripe is smoothe, no lettering at all; all of that stuff is on the insidewall. If you like I can email you photos of how they look on my Pimento '74.

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