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Triumph TR6 - Turkey day sale!

Thanksgiving day special: order a wiring kit this weekend and get a $50 rebate! gobble-gobble
Dan Masters

Any sale is attractive and certainly such a discount on your harness is not to be ignored. I won't be ready for it until maybe the spring of next year. Is your sale price good for buying now and delivering later?
Doug Baker

"Is your sale price good for buying now and delivering later?"

Hi, Doug,

That'll work.
Dan Masters

Ok, I'm in Dan. Should I plan on about 2 full weekends to do this on a fully assembled and running car? I know I'll have to remove the seats etc, but I want to leave the dash in I think.

Tim Brand

Tim. bought mine almost 2 years ago . Still not done.
NOTE: results not typical. Please consult your Doctor before beginning program.

Dan- Are all your panels on sale,including custom???


We estimate about 40 hours to install, with a large portion of that time going to decision making - where to mount the panel, where/how to route the wires, etc.


The sale price applies to the full harness kits only, for any car we make kits for. We can also do kits for cars not listed, and can do some custom work, and the rebate offer applies to them as well.
Dan Masters

As I have mention to you in passing,I am interested in your Headlight kit for my Astro Van with appropriate coloured wires.That too?

Dan, would you stop fooling around with your business
and get back to the important stuff! Get that TRV8 on the road. Luke wants to race Darth Vader.
Christopher Trace

geez......Dan now you come out with a rebate....!!!

This thread was discussed between 16/11/2006 and 25/11/2006

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