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Triumph TR6 - U-Joints

OK - I'm absolutely convinced now that when replacing u-joints, any of them, it's important to remove the "shop grease" from the cross before installation. What is that stuff???

Doing some winter work, new diff & rear bearings. (They're 30 years old and started to make too much noise) Pulled the u-joints next to the bearings and whoa! Two of the passages where filled with hardened grease. And I mean hard - no way lubrication could have reached the bearings. And those were replaced about 8 years ago. Of course, if that channel is hard, grease flows elsewhere.

What I'm going to do from now on is run a pipe cleaner through both sides of the "cross", then soak it in mineral spirts to get out all the shop grease. Then I'll "prime" the cross with a good grease I use. At the same time I'll wipe the inside bearing caps with "good grease", then assemble and grease again through the fitting. OK - I'm a bit obsessive on this... But dry bearings will do it to me...

Brent B

If the grease is as hard as you say then those needle
bearings are going to be worn. Why not save yourself the trouble and buy new u's and squirt new grease into
them till it flows?
Christopher Trace

Sorry if I wasn't clear on my rant, Chris. New u-joints did go back in. But - they didn't squirt lube from all bearings, either (Grease just came out 1 or 2 of the 4 sides). Gawd I hate to do it, but I'll be taking those back apart this long weekend... Cleaning them and greasing them up right.

U-joints rank right up there with plumbing as things I don't like to do. I hate it when one of the needles decides to drop down into the cup... Let me tell you about the little adjustment I made to a faucet several years ago that broke 4 light bulbs and made a clean patch on the ceiling....

Brent B

Hey Brent a man after my own heart...:)

I can relate to every point! <G>

Can't help with the plumbing. Have taught a few taps to fly myself. And they say all you need to know to be a Plumber is crap flows down hill and paydays Friday?

Never notice the roller dropped in the bottom till it won't fit. No matter how carefull I am.

But on the U-joints greasing heres the deal.

Under torque one side is loaded the other is not. Unloaded side gets the grease. Crapshoot which one? You can use a wood dowel and hammer to tap greasy one to the opposisite side hold and hit it again with the gun. Other side should show etc.

The manufacturer stuff is just cheap grease. If you want to clear set up in your vice and shoot. Realy not needed

In theory you should not get grease out of the sides. Thats the reason for those ring seals on the caps. On my stuff I give one good shot both sides using the above method twice a year. Yep I get a bit out the sides. Theory is not always reality

Bill Brayford

Just a comment,
All the UJs I replaced where non greasable meaning no nipple. I know of one UJ you can not get at the grease fitting anyway. This subject of non greasable joints has been discussed..I know I brought it up.
I must say, before I installed the new UJs I did take them apart and add a little more grease to them. What was there I think was only enough to give longer shelf life.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Prof. Bill,
That's why it only comes from two ends! Wooden dowel,
turn it around til it's not under torque, brilliant.
I've been thinking that my U's were plugged.
Thanks Prof.
Christopher Trace

Thanks, Chris. But when it won't come out all ends under NO load, then there's a (future) problem.
Brent B

This thread was discussed between 22/11/2004 and 25/11/2004

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