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Triumph TR6 - Washer Switch.

Has any one ever taken apart the early washer switch. It doesn't want to recenter itself. Is anything missing?


Also,what is this piece???


I think that little piece just sits in one end of the spring.
The washer switch is not centered. It is "pushed in" at the bottom and you press on the top (the inset painted decal) and this activates the pump. The spring returns the switch to off position (bottom pushed in) when released.
Hope this was what you where talking/asking about.
Rick Crawford

I don't think the spring is for that. It is centered in the switch at the fulcrum and is inside the top body. How will that make the switch return to normal?

I believe the small piece is metal and it is what closes the contact to activate the pump. The spring allows the metal piece to slide on and off the contacts.

I am guessing as I haven't taken apart the washer switch but I did take apart the emergency light switch because I had to clean the contacts to get it to work properly. Although that was 2 years ago and my memory is getting fuzzy. So take this comment with a grain of salt.
Michael Petryschuk

The small piece I think is plastic. I will check with a magnet.
Mike- there is a see saw type metal piece that the

This thread was discussed on 11/07/2007

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