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Triumph TR6 - Weber carb conversion

Patient is a very good condition 1972 vintage, never stored for long periods of time. I've read and re-read all the carb threads and continue to be frustrated. (I did a rebuild of every piece of rubber in the carbs, needles etc. And I've switched out the carb pistons for fun. Still...
-continues to run rich & foul plugs
-leak fuel from starter box (choke assembly) even at rest. Pulled the fuel line and nothing is pushing thru the line. Even lowered the float level.

So, after 2 years of this I had been planning to do the TBI conversion. But now I found that you can do an easy switch to brand-new twin Webers for $399US from ''. Of course triples are available, but I'm really just looking for reliability rather than enhanced power. Love to have the fuel injection but this price is attractive.

Anyone have any experience? Ideas?
Thanks, Ian.
Ian B Marlatt

Hello Ian,

Which needles are in your carbs.?

Often problems are from UPM (unorthodox previous mechanics) involvement. Your problem sounds like rich needles is your overhaul is OK..


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

I bought new metering needles from The Roadster Factory based (as I recall) on the year of the car. I have correct adjusting tool & leaned those out to barely running. Also tried riching it up as well. Also balanced them. Still drive me craaazy!
Ian B Marlatt

Ian, Try this site:

I know it is for B but Stromberg is a Stromberg.

The weber set-up is nice and that Cie seems to provide good stuff. BUT with Weber when things are not properly functioning, It is a pain to have it solve. I would try to see what is not functioning with stomberg prior to buy new problems. One comon problem for overich running is at choke level with those holes and that strange mechanism.

Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Ian, are you talking these
Don Kelly

I have not heard good things about these particular Webers as I was considering them and asked around. My buddy has had experience (only bad) with trying to install/tune them for others and says "you get what you pay for". In support of his arguments, Moss sells their Weber Dual DGV Downdraft kit for $1195 complete except for filters and we've heard good things about them. Seems $399 is just too good to be true. Anybody feel free to weigh in here - just my .02 cents worth. You might try Joe Curto in NY, a recognized expert at Stromberg rebuild ( TRF in their C.A.R. rebuild shop.
Good Luck,
Bob Evans

I had the same problem, and went back and revisited the float level. Major difference. Look on

I had DGVs and they ran great. More power but less fuel economy.

I'm getting everything together to do an EFI using ITBs from and Megasquirt ECU.
CAK Kirchhoff

Don Kelly

It's called modernization. Mine's a daily driver so absolute originality is not that important to me and plus the fact that the twin throttle bodies look like carbs at first glance.
CAK Kirchhoff

That looks like a sweet setup. Patton Engineering has a version that uses the Zenith carb bottoms with an injector but this one looks much better as it's a true injection system with a fuel rail. If I had known about this setup I wouldn't have wasted the cash on the tripple SU setup.
Keep us posted on the progress of your conversion...
DWS Smith

Not much difference in the system itself.
Both are basically throttle bodies. How the fuel gets there it doesn't care .
The real difference is in the computer.
The MS is a hands on system with a few good add ins.
Most have problems with this type of system learning how to become a programmer.
Where the Patton system uses old technology, simple and effective but older and not able to handle APS.
Don Kelly

Don, I believe it does matter how it gets the fuel. The patton system draws fuel from the card bowl under the carb and this system gets fuel blown in from a preasurized fuel rail mounted above the throttle body.
The patton systen is like attempting to drink a mixed drink through one of those skinny mixing straws....
DWS Smith

Been thinking about it, thoughts later
Don Kelly

Don Kelly

Darn... I was looking forward to some post installation feedback... looks like a cool setup...
DWS Smith

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