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It seem there has been quite a few new patrons to the BBS site. I would like to welcome them and look forward to there inclusion in future posts.
Happy New Year All
Don K.
By the way
My 71 is unballasted

As you (and Ignatius) know that one nice thing about this BBS is that: If one travels then there is the possibility of visiting and talking TR stuff (and a pint or two). (GEEZ, it took me to get you two together :) Since then there are two more posters from the Seatle area...time to start a weekend driving club and you guys have some beautiful scenic roads. What a site that would be...4 TRs going down the road together!
So yes, welcome new posters...let's hear from u.
Rick C
P.S. BASIL..throw the book at him!
Rick Crawford

Hello, everyone. Finally! A TR6 BB!

Mine's a '73 that I've owned for 12 years. It's in excellent condition, but not for "show" - too many add-on's. It has about 101k miles on it, and just got a major engine overhaul. About 9.5:1 CR, 1.55:1 RR, a Good Parts GP-2 cam, and so on.

The commission # is CF 1247u, but the most curious thing is that the engine number is MG 683 ESS - which is a 2500 number, I think. Anyway, I look forward to participating in this forum.


Hi everyone,
this is a great board. I have just found this. Unfortunatly, my first time I asked questions, I am trying to figure out if my 73 is ballased or not.
Hopefully, i will be able to participate by helping others.
I have done a great deal of work on my six. Changed engines, welded the frame, changed all bushings (poly everywhere), body worked and painted it, changed bearings with engine in the car, fixed the wiring, etc.
My motto is to do all work my self, thus far, it has been the case.
last 73 built cf1250

Well I know were Brent stands on the "concourse or fun" debate.
Don K.

Do you think that Lionel's car pushed Brent's off the assembly line? The commission numbers would indicate there were only 2 other cars in between theirs. Small world?

Happy New Year!!!

Rod Nichols

Maybe a zero got dropped - Moss gives the "last" '73 comm # as 12500.
Brent B

yup you were write, I left the last zero off, think nothing of it (ha ha)
my number is cf12500u
sorry for the boo boo

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