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Triumph TR6 - Wheel alignment specs.


I need alignment specs. I did check the archives and found a response from SteveP.
However I will now air my ignorance.... I did not understand the "1/4 in degrees".
Steve , if you are out there, could you kindly give me the specs in the actual degrees.

Neil P.
N.T. Peniston

Hi Neil

I recently had my TR6 aligned after a total restoration. I took it to a well known shop and was lucky enough to have a mechanic with 40 years experience do my setup. He had owned several LBC's including a few TR6's. It cost 95 dollars to do a four wheel alignment and it was well worth it. Both the Bentley Manual and the Haynes manual have the specs you are looking for and they are the same.The toe in on the steering is 0-1/16 in. The castor is 2 3/4 degrees +or- 1/2 a degree. The camber is 1/4 degree negative +or- 1/2 a degree. The rear trailing arms are also 0 to 1/16th inch toe in as well. These specs will only help you if you have the car on a good alignment rack. Regards John
John O'Meara

$95.00 Canadian!
You guys are lucky. When I acquired my 6 two summer ago, I took mine for a 4 wheel alignment. The "specialist" shop want to take me to the cleaner. Said I needed a new rack and outer tie rods, quoted $549.50 US for the parts alone!
Paddy Kan

Is this correct?...."The camber is 1/4 degree negative +or- 1/2 a degree."
The tolerance is greater than the spec.

That is a very low price for a 4 wheel alignment. Who is this well known shop?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick, I used a guy in burlington who also was "old fashioned" and used the old methods along with the new electronic methods, he only charged me 100 (cash)

Bob Craske

Hi Rick I double checked the specs and the Bentley manual shows front camber at 0 degrees +or- 1/2 a degree for TR6 and 1/4 degree +or - a degree for TR250 I trust the Bentley over the Haynes. The alignment shop is called Putneys. There on Wentworth Street North in an industrial part of Hamilton. There family owned and have been around for a long time. They have flat rates for two and four wheel alignment. I also got my headlights aimed there. The guys had fun with the old Bell and Howell aiming equipment. The case was pretty dusty but it worked pefectly. The cost with taxes for both services was $150. I don't think they made anything on the alignment because he was under the car for awhile. I told him I'd just restored it and it only had 15 miles on it so he checked it out pretty good. I also went under when they were on break and checked for leaks etc. and took a bunch of pictures. Regards John
John O'Meara

Neil, could you provide the thread name and date, so I can go back and look at what was said and the context?

Rick, the tolerance isn't more than the spec. As stated, all that it says is that the 1/4 degree of negative camber is the nominal setting and that anything within the 3/4 degree negative camber to 1/4 degree positive camber range would be considered to be "in spec."


Hi Steve, The thread was "wheel alignment specs" posted on the 9th of April 2005.
As I said I was airing my ignorance! I now understand that it is a 1/4 of a degree. This just sounds like a miniscule amount.

Regards, Neil P.
N.T. Peniston

This thread was discussed between 26/06/2006 and 28/06/2006

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