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Triumph TR6 - Who owns the Triumph name now?

With the demise of Leyland the Rover and MG name plates went to China via BMW and Jaguar went to to live under the Ford umbrella.

What happened to the other names like Triumph ?

Just curious ,
Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

BMW kept the good one! The TR name belongs to them, and there has been occasional speculation on this board as to when the "TR9" might come out. Not being a big BMW fan, I'm not cheering in the stands for this one....
Rod Nichols

Thanks Rod.
It just seems to me there is a great opportunity going unused.
BMW might consider making a MX5 / Miata rival under the Triumph name and avoiding creating competition for their own sports cars like the Z4 etc.
If names like Maybach and Horsch can be revitalised surely Triumph can be as well.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

I think we own the triumph name. We are the ones who revitalize the name. Plus, if BMW puts out a slick car they call a "Triumph"...well,I'm thinking I may be a little short of funds. 'till then I'll have to stick with the real thang (chipped paint and all).
just a thought!
c.a.e. emenhiser

Do not kid your self folks,
If Bimmer goes the same route they did with the Cooper, it would be sweet. It made the original Coopers go up in value over night, same thing with the old bug and new bug, the old ones have come into big demand again. BMW does make fine cars with out a doubt and I do not know of anyone else I would like to revive the car,...certainly not Ford, plus lets keep it across the pond where the history belongs.

Go Bimmer bring her back!!!!


I understand your passion but I fear these days it is all about bottom line profit at least as far as the car nakers are concerned.

Thanks to all who posted.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

There is an unconfirmed and multiply denied rumor that the
Triumph name is coming back from BMW, and some announcement (rollout?) is going to occur in North Carolina this fall at the big triumph bash , which is, purely coincidentally, being sponsored by BMW.

It is also true that the MG name went to China, and there is an operation in progress to buils a plane in the US southwest (Arizona?) to build MGs, but I think it's called the MSG.
A. R. Christopher

MSG? Isn't that something added to bland food to improve the taste and some people have an allergic reaction to?

Oh yeah...NOW I see the connection!!

Joking aside any reasonably priced and well built sports car on the market has to be good news.

Who knows , the Triumph name may be re invented after all.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas


This month's Car and Driver magazine reports that BMW will announce a Z2 roadster to compete with the Miata. The car is due out in 2010. Could this be the rumored Triumph?

'73 TR6
Mike Calhoun

One would think BMW could charge more for the BMW name versus Triumph. In the end, a BMW is a BMW. British Leyland built our rides, not the Germans. Unless it leaks, rattles, squeaks, rusts or has the lights go out at night doing 70 MPH, it's not a Triumph!

Do you think anyone owning a "new" Triumph will have grease under their fingernails?

Just my $0.02. I know many probably will not agree.

Don from Jersey
Don from Jersey

Yes you are right in saying most likely some will not agree.

I am thinking the reasoning behind the Triumph rather than BMW name plate is to offer an alternative to those who specifically do not want a BMW and all the "yuppiemoble" associations.

Who knows... a competitively priced Truimph designed by BMW and built in China or Thailand ?

My 2 cents worth.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

This thread was discussed between 29/08/2006 and 04/09/2006

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