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Triumph TR6 - Windshield Washer Switch Light

Should the WW red switch light on the dash be on when the headlights are turned on or only when I turn the wipers on? Ken '76
Ken Shaddock


I would think only when the wipers are on but I didn't know that they introduced a light on the switch. The 69 has no dash light or indicator light on the windshield washer switch.

If the rest of your dashlights are white then I am almost 100% confident it should only be lit when on.
Michael Petryschuk

Sounds right Mike. Unless there's a short wire running from the light switch (as part of the inline headlight harness) that has no place to go but the insert hole for the ww switch light in the same area it seems odd to be illuminated unless turned on. The lens on the dash side of the ww switch indicator is red hence the "red light".

When I'm up for laying on my back with head under the dash banging on the foot peddles I'll check it out. At 6-4 and 220 it's a challenge. Toss in bifocals and I'm downright clumsy.
Ken Shaddock

Ken-- before you practice all your anatomical pretzel excercises, check out the data for '76s further. ISTR that my daughter's '76 WW switch lite is on when the headlites are on; but I'm not absolutely certain.

TNN Note

AH... should show in the Schematics

I don't see any connections from the light switch to the WW switch in Dan's drawings
Don Kelly

Don... I read the DM schematic and your are correct. No connection to WW. The battery, fuse Box, and dimmer/flash to pass switch are in play but no WW. Looks like I'll have to do the limbo after all. BTW, I know I should have read the instructions (schematic) but I'm a guy.
Ken Shaddock

Dude...I resemble that too
Don Kelly

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