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Triumph TR6 - Wiring To Altenator

My inginition warning light on the dash has been staying on regardless if the key is the off position or out. I pulled the bulb and disconnected the battery. Friend says the altenatror requires replacement when this happens. During further investigating this AM, I reattached battery and reinstalled warning light bulb w/ bonnet up. This enabled me to see smoke (lots) coming from wire that plugs into the back of the altenator. The wire covering had melted to point where wire is now exposed. Not sure if this was the cause or if has been going on for a some time which I was unaware. Anyone experience this. I am planning to continue the path of having the altenator rebuilt and applying electric tape to the exposed wire. Advice welcome!

Hi Shawn,
Visit this site..under Electrical you'll find the schematics for all TR6's wiring
Charlie B.

Hey,another MIT TR owner.

Shawn- I have a Bosch alt. That is almost a bolt up replacement for the lucas. More amps and no light at idle. It has never been on the car with it running so it is a brand new one. Half price.


I removed the existing alternator today and turned over to a local mechanic to have rebuilt. He is also putting together a new wire connection to solder in and replace the one that fried this AM! Family not too thrilled with the smell of burnt wire in the garage. Thanks for the offer on the Bosch. What is the name of the TR owner at MIT? I will give him a call and connect up. Shawn.74.5 TR6

Charlie, Great site. Thanks. Shawn 74.5 TR6

This thread was discussed between 22/04/2005 and 23/04/2005

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