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Triumph TR6 - wooden dashboard


I am rebuilding a 1971 TR6 and having some difficulty in removing the wooden dashboard. I've taken out the screws holding it in place and from the glove box over to the tachometer the dash is loose and there seems to be enough wire on the guages so that the wooden dash comes away from the alumnium fascia behind but the tach and speedo are tight and I can't seem to see whay.

what am I doing wrong.? and is there a website with pictures I can refer to for this removal. I'd like to refinish the dashboard but the Hayne workshop manual that came with the car doesn't outline any of the removal of this part only the fascia in behind... I know I'm missing a move but which one.??

Any thoughts woulsd be real helpful.

Thanks John H.
J. Holgate

This may help...
JT White

JT :

Thanks for the info its helpful but still doesn't outline what screws and bolts where have to be disassembled at the Tach/ Speedometer. I was thinking that when the screws are out of the dash it should be enough to pull the dashboard out enough to disconnect and ID each wire as you are disasembling the dash for resotration.

Thanks much for the help much appreciated.

John H.
J. Holgate

OK, been a while. I think there are 2 round nuts on each of the big gauges and under them are 2 large "holders" that go against the metal fascia. these need to be removed first. Do you have the Bentley manual? The Haynes is so-so on some stuff.

I could be wrong. Been a long while

Don, you got it. I'll check at home this evening to see what diagrams I have that'll explain the procedure, but essentially you have two more fasteners to unfasten and you have to get behind the instruments to access them. Good luck.
Doug Baker

You are correct sir! Un-do the two retainers similar (although larger) then the minor gauges...give them a slight twist after removing round nuts (age = sticky) and they should pull out.
JT White

As seen on CDII

Items 34,35,and 36 will require removal before either of the 2 big gages can be removed. They hold both the gauge and the wood dash to the metal facia pannel assembly. You will probably find the gauges are "stuck" due to age. There are one each big rubber rings holding each in place.
There are 2 sets of 34,35,and 36 per gauge located at 2:00 and at 7:00 as you look at the gauge face. They are a thumb nut and can be turned by fingers. You usually have to push some wires away to get your hand up in there. For sure you will knock off a dash illumination bulb holder and most like one of the 2 big red warning lights at top of the spedo.
When you reinstall it will take a little looking to make sure you have the 2 gauges "level" before you tighten down the 4 clamps. Beleive me, you do not want to have to go back in there to adjust the gauge.

If you can not clearly make out the 3 items then go to the TRF web site and look at the real deal picture.


Rick Crawford

OK Guys :

Thanks to all of you for getting me over this problem. I think I have it now.

Don, I have orderdd the Bentley Wrokshop manual. You are correct the Haynes manual has left me hanging in a few areas. Kind of like you should know this and know that. Not good for a "rookie:

Anyway I think I'm going to get it now by what you have all told me. Stay tuned and thanks a lot guys very helpful.

J. Holgate

John post your e mail and I'll send you an electronic copy

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