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Triumph TR6 - ZS 175CD Carbs

OK guys, those of you who have restored your Zenith Strombergs, where do you get the little red decals? I've tried TRF, Moss, Rimmer Bros, LBC and Rick Crawford all to no avail. HELP!!
Doug Baker

Hello Doug,

Are talking about this type of decals;

This photo is as clear as if taken by myself...


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Well Doug I was off a bit. I must have bought them from my supplier in Mississauga as he is both MOSS and Vicky Brit.

I am not saying they are still available though. I am looking at a 2004 Vicky Brit Accesories and parts catalogue. 2004 Spring Edition T6.32

Page 69 item #3 part #9-0748 EMISSION DECAL, CARBURETOR SELL $2.95

Good luck


Oh Ya you can call me a pack rat. I did not have to dig deep to find that was on my book shelf.
Rick Crawford

Rick, Jean, thanks. They apparently are still in stock and VB still uses the same part number. Carriage is 2X the price for two!! Sometimes I think I should buy FedEx stock!!
Doug Baker

Should have used good old snail mail.

Rick Crawford

Would be sweet if they just send a digital image and you print it on sticky stock.

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