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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 2.8L V6 Engine Swap - HELP NEEDED FAST

I've found a 2.8l V6 out of a firebird for $300, will it mount up the same as the engine out of a camaro?
I'm about to buy a kit to put a chevy V6 in, and i was wondering if i would run into problems trying to install the firebird engine.
A quick response would be helpful.. my car has been out of commission for 3 weeks, and i'd like to get this done as fast as possible, and the shop with the engine closes in less than an hour.

Ryan Felder
Ryan Felder

Ryan, the engines are the same on both cars. if you need any help just e-mail
Bill Guzman

I am looking for info on installing a 2800 v-6 in my 67B. Mount locations and any other relevant info. I am backing it up with a T-5 tranny and a narrowed ford 8 inch rear end. Hope to get about 175hp from motor.. If anyone knows about this conversion and any problems that might arise let me know. I could use any help.
Garret Koster

Bill Guzman has a Ford V-6 in an MGB, you might want
to get with him for information or leads.

I think that he is working on a complete kit to swap
a Ford V6 into an MGB and is designing one for a 302.

He also has a very nice car!

James ?

I believe Bill's kit is for a 60 degree GM v6 into an MG. The price is quite good since it includes headers that will fit within the frame rails. Headers will always be the hardest part of any engine swap. Anyone can make them with a little practice, but by the time you wreck two header kits to get the job done, its cheaper to have someone else do the job!

Bill: Now why did you have to go and tell me that you are doing a 302 kit? What next, a big block?! I still have a yeaars welding to do on my new project, so maybe it will end up with the 302 instead of a v6.
Pete Plouf

Pete, you are correct, the kit is for a Chevy. 2.8/3.4 V6. And the headers look like the small block Chevy.

Pete as soon as I finish this V6 GT project I will start on a V8 kit that is affordable and headers will be included. This project will start next summer, unless someone is willing to loan his or her car for the swap of a Ford 5.0 V8 project. Pete too bad you are so far. :-)


Bill Guzman

I have been running around with an '87 FI 2.8 in my Sebring GT for about 6 years now.My exhaust is a modified version of a Beretta's stock manifolds.The one project I have been putting off has been to make a decent pair of tubular headers for the car.I'm interested in your design.Can you E-mail me the details such as price,routing of pipes,single or dual exhaust and finish(Jet-Hot coated or otherwise).I am starting my next project(a V8 B-roadster),but really want to put the "finishing touch" on the GT.Thanks,hope to hear from ya soon.........Dave
Dave Deerson

Dave the headers were design for the V6 2.8 cast iron heads, I believe the Berretta has the alloy heads Gen II engine. If it is my headers won't fit. I also moved the engine 1/2 inch to the right to clear the steering.
Let me know if I could help you.

Bill Guzman

The motor is a cast iron-headed "s"motor from a 1987 Camaro.The Beretta manifolds were modified to work with the smaller ports.The car is(was) a '71 chrome bumper car and I had to do a little bulkhead mods simmilar to a V8 swap into an earlier car.This will give you an idea as to how much clearance between the headers and the steering shaft I need.I think the motor is offset to the passenger side a little,maybe the same 1/2 in.It's been a while since the swap.
Dave Deerson

Dave, maybe the headers would fit. I will be updating the web next week with the pictures of a completed kit.
for now just take a look. If I can help let me know.

Bill Guzman

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