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One for our American friends..I have seen a few references' to the Buick 300 engine especially the crank, which i think can be fitted the 215 engine .Is this the case??

John, here is the link to Dan LaGrou's web page; D&D Fabrications. Dan probably knows more about the BOP 215 than anyone. There is good info on the site about the use of the Buick 300 crank to build a stroked 215 to yield 265 CI. This is something I plan on doing myself in the future. But first I would like to get my '67 roadster on the road with the rebuilt Buick 215. There are still a number of Buick 300 cranks around in States of America. Is there a long stroke crank available on the Queen's side of the Atlantic?
PS. It looks like Dan needs to pay his bill with host site, it says his pages are down until 1/1/02.
Chris Jones

You can install the 300 crank in a 215, but some machining is needed. I believe it's since the main journals are different, something has to be done to the bearing carriers. Also, I think the 300 is enternally balanced, so you have to use a 300 harmonic balancer. That's if memory serves me correctly.

Joe Ullman

Kurt Shley has written an excellent article on the use of the Buick 300 crank (and heads) in the September issue of the British V8 Newsletter. The article features a recent Rover 4.6 engine built by Dan LaGrou. I recommend downloading the article from
Charles Clarke

Not a matter of paying the bill as upgrading his account. He exceded the allowable up/down transfer amounts for a month so they shut it down. Means his site must be pretty busy, which is always good..
Larry Embrey

The advantage of using the 4.6 is that you do not have to grind down the main journals. That plus the larger bore are enough reason to go that way, but things like the crank driven oil pump and crank trigger ignition might be issues for some.
Jim Blackwood

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