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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 302/5.0L short water pump systems

Hey all, in my (seemingly) neverending quest to get the EFI into my car and use all stock Ford parts, I have done a good bit of parts scrounging and hand on vehicle research.

I just updated the website with a new page for Sept 2004 that has a run-down of what I found. this info is usable by EFI and Carb folks.
Larry Embrey

OHH I am still waiting to hear back from March Performance parts as to whether they make a bracket kit for the SN95 mustangs. If they do, then we chould all be able to just buy wrecked mustagns or thier motors and have a almost bolt in EFI motor choice.

The bracket system is short enough in terms of length to fit, but the Alt sits very high in front of the Right side head and I believe will hit the hood. If I can get a spare right side bracket AND Alt, I will do some actual test fitting.

For now the Explorer parts work after deleting the AC and Smog mounts.
Larry Embrey


As always, thanks for the info. So, the factory alternator mount on my '94 gt motor isn't going to clear the hood? That's not good, I was planning on using the stock serpentine with the power steering and smog pumps eliminated. How much clearance does it lack? My motor will be set back approximately two inches from yours, as I am modifying the firewall. Engine will be set back to the heater shelf. Might make a slight difference in hood clearance.

I guess it will be one of those "deal with it when you get there" issues.

Ryan Reis
Ryan Reis

Ryan, If your seting back a full 2" you should have PLENTY of room for the Alt AND the COBRA EFI system with the taller, better flowing intakes. Worst case with the Cobra instakes, from my measurements you can have about .25" milled off the lower intake before you start having problems with the upper intake fouling the stock Fuel rails.

I do not have a 94/95 Alternator Nor a spare 94/95 mustang bracket. To fit in the car the bracket needs the smog pump mounting ears cut-off. I ned mine intact for another project.

I really think you will be OK with it, Once I can find a spare bracket to modify I will give it a shot as I would like to be able to tell people they can buy one JY motor and be done.. I will be adding some pictures to the site later tonight of some of the clearances with the explorer parts.

I hope to get mine back on the road to let the EFI settle into a road tune before I finally bite the bullet and modify the harness heh..
Larry Embrey

Sounds promising. I would love to have the cobra setup, but no hoodscoops allowed! What would I need? Intake, injectors, computer... anything else? I'll be sticking with the regular gt stuff for awhile, but I'll have to have the cobra stuff down the road if it fits. It's a cool looking intake.

As far as the alternator, I always assumed that this guy was running the stock '94 setup:

I'll just cross my fingers for now and hope that the hood will close when I get to that point. First, I need to get a hood!

Ryan Reis

WOW!! That is an updated picture! I have never seen that one (engine bay picture) before.

Yes that is 94/95 Mustagn stuff.

The change from GT to cobra should be, Intakes, Injectors, ECU. MAF MAYBE, not sure about the TB.
Larry Embrey

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