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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 3.07 axle installed..happy camper!

I am one happy camper! Finally have my 3.07 rear axle installed into my 4.3L V6. My gt has a 3 speed automatic (TCI) and while I was running the 3.9 rear end the car was basically a beast to drive..and I do not mean "beast" in a positive way! I now have over two hundred miles on the new axle without any problems and no noise whatsoever...previously the car was quick off the line but was in third gear by 20 miles per hour! Now shifts are more normal and I hit third about 40 miles per hour. Thanks to Scott Miller for the heads up about Babbitt Bearing in Columbus Ohio. Babbitt took 218 thousands off the mgb carrier and installed all the spacers spot on...I would recommend these folks for anyone doing the 3.07 axle conversion..this conversion has transformed the driving characteristics of my sebring gt and interstate rpms have gone from 3600 to a tolerable 2700 rpms...
Mike Maloney

Mike, Glad to hear your good news.
You may want to consider changing the oil to make sure any minute wear particles are removed as the gear set has had a chance to bed in.
Just a thought.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

How did you arrive at 218 thousandths as the correct amount to machine off ?? I've got the gearset but haven't installed it yet.

Edd Weninger

Ed, I researched the archives over a seven year period and saw several different amounts to machine off the carrier....(.2000 to .25000) From what I have been told, within this range it really isn't that critical the precise amount taken off as the residual amount is compensated by the size of the shims/washers that are used during reassembly. I do not think I would be too far out of line if I said that .215 is kind of the accepted amount to remove...that is what I told Babbit Bearing to remove, but when I picked it up they said they took .218 off the carrier...perhaps they simply had the shims on hand to compensate that amount??
Mike Maloney

I also bought a 3.07 gearset from performance-british last October with the plan to put it in after my V8 conversion was finished. I have purchased all the spacers and washers (everything needed and recommended) as well as an extra late model gear carrier. I was intending to do it myself (never done one, but I have the manual as well as all the tools). But I am having 2nd thoughts on doing it myself (wising up).

How long did they take? How much did they charge?

Richard Morris
Richard Morris

Richard, it took Babbitt Bearing two weeks to complete the cost me $400 for the total job...however I had a lot of additional items done...I had new hub bearings, carrier bearings, and both pinion bearings installed, and both of my threaded rebound strap retaining bolts were broken off and I had new bolts welded on. My guess is that they would probably charge $250/300 for machining the carrier and installing the CW&Pinion. I had read in past archives that some people had this done for less money...but also in those threads were many tales of noisy differentials after the conversion. I elected to go with Babbitt Bearing primarily based upon the fact that Scott Miller had this same job done on his RV8 at Babbitt and was happy with the results. Since I will probably be driving this car until I take the final Dirt Nap, I'm happy with my decision:-)
Mike Maloney

Thanks Mike,

The reason I asked was because I too found all the different numbers in the archives. Now it makes sense, cut it down reasonably and shim it back for a good mate up.

Edd Weninger

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