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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 3.07:1 CW&P Advice Needed

Can anybody tell me who in the UK supplies the best 3.07:1 CW&P. I've heard that some are quite noisy compared to others. Retailers need not reply. Thanks in advance chaps.

It's often not so much the parts used but the way in which they are fitted and set up.

That is an answer which creates a more cloudy picture than before you asked!

Roger Parker

Thanks Rog,
Apart from machining 220 thou of the carrier, is this the sort of job that can be done by a semi-competent do-it-yourselfer or should I just go to Clive Wheatley. Regards

Having been a satisfied customer of Clive's for some time I can recommend him.

Paul Hunt

Where in Canada or U.S. can I buy a new crown gear
and pinion 3.07 ratio for an 80 Mgb.Have to get the RPM down and the top end speed up.
Regards Ross
Ross Hannan

Try Andy's MGV8 Parts; toll free 888-923-7062.
Andy is also a Clive Wheatley distributor.
Hope this helps. Dwight

If your car doesn't over-rev in top gear, then replacing the cw&p with a higher (numerically lower) ratio will give a lower top speed rather than an increase. Many cars with overdrive are faster in top-under than in top-over because they don't have enough power at the lower RPM to ever reach the same speed. Sorry if this is old news to everyone.
George B.

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