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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 3.9 rober. changed oil pressure

The odd (#73) has occured with the 3.9 which has been installed since '00 in my 80 B. After changing the oil, I cannot bring up any oil pressure. To wit, I did make the dull minded misstake to change the oil a couple weeks back and then not restart the car until yesterday. It ran about 20 seconds before I shut it down noticing no pressure. I then restarted it, waited about 10 seconds, & shut it down again. No lifter noise at that point. Decided to wait until morning to reinspect. This morning I pulled the ignition coil wire & turned the engine over.No pressure. Took off the filter. No oil in it. Filled the filter with oil. Reinstalled. Attached coil wire. Started car. Lifter noise. Shut it down immediately. Did the superstitious response of immediately draining all the new oil and installing another new filter--filled with oil. Pulled ignition wire. Turned engine over. No pressure. Aaargh.Assumably I have the oil version of vapor lock???What is the cure.Thanks!
todd wyatt

Good lord, sorry for the rover misspelling. Where are my glasses.
todd wyatt

I would pull the dist. out, after marking the location of the rotor and the dist to engine. Then get something to ust to spin the pump drive with. I use an old dist. and drive it with a drill. That should bring up the pressure.
If you do not have an old dist., I have used a 3/8 drive extension with a screwdrive bit in it to fit in the pump drive. It is harder to use but easier to find.
Good Luck.

sorry to hear that todd, you just need to drive that beauty more often i think!! i had a similr problem a while back on one of my gt's, if the knock from the lifters is not too awful try a can of seafoam. in mine it took about 45 seconds to go away. jim
james madson

jim; are you going to osceola next week? good to hear your comments! you put the seafoam where??? what is your theory on the whole thing. i have half a notion to drop in a crate 5.0 anyway. todd
todd wyatt

Had the same deal when I changed my oil recently, I filled the filter with oil and installed, then poured oil down the oil pipes into the pump and filled up the oil cooler the same way. No pressure when cranking over. I ended up pulling the dizzy and making a shaft that chucks into a drill, I spun the oil pump over and had my 4 yr old son tell me when the needle moved on the pressure gauge. No worries now and the lifter noise has disappeared.
Jake Voelckers

good to hear from you also todd, hows the gt project coming?? the seafoam is oil/additive/cleaner, i think mine had a blockage in the uptake, i thought once the lifters were full of oil it took a while for them to empty on a rover?? but maybe i do not know. 5.0 crate?? it makes the most sense if you want an 8 as the aftermarket for them is so huge. i am planning on osceola, if the weather is nice i think i will drive the mini speedster. see you there i hope?? i get first dibs on your 3.9 if you make the switch. jim
james madson

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