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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 4 Link rear suspension

Has anyone experience of this system when fitted to a V8 conversion ? It sounds good but what is it like when fitted ?
ap lestocq

I borrowed one of Martyn Harvey's MGB V8's for a couple hot laps around the Nelson Ledges racetrack during the 2007 BritishV8 Meet. That car has a custom four-link which was created by Larry Ellis. I've never met Larry Ellis, but he's a hero to me now. That particular four-link is brilliant. In addition to good handling, the coilover shocks provide very much better ride quality compared to stock leaf springs. A few detailed photos appear here:
Notice that this 4-link design features relatively long links and a very stout Panhard rod.
Curtis Jacobson

You might be thinking of this set up
It looks heavy to me, and the last thing you want to do is add weight to the back end of an MGB.

this ones not bad, minimal weight and all You've got to weld the top bolt on points. I do wish he'd come up with a clamp on bracket, then it'd be the best around.

I've often thought of setting up my own bolt on three link. You can put the top link on the top right hand side of the diff', there's even a flat spot there on salisbury diff's. The early jag's and the current cobras do this, the off set compensates for the torque of the tailshaft. Tan of the diff ratio. The upper link should also slope down forward slightly to prevent axle hop and squat. You run the upper right diff cage bolt all the way through for the front mount point of the diff' top bracket. The rear mount point for the bracket goes down the back right hand side of the diff' cover. Should all lock in place. The front end of the top link would tie in to the transmission tunnel on one side and the battery box on the other. Bottom links are easy.
Here's and example of a three link (not offset, not salisbury), nicely done but I'm not keen on the panhard setup.
I'm using these at the moment.
At the time the US dollar and local regulations made them much cheaper and easier to do. They are very good and it was the logical choice, but I still might try the 3 link thing.

Peter Sherman

Here's a different approach
(You'll notice the british V8 newsletter keeps coming up)
Peter Sherman
Peter Sherman

Here's the Classic Conversions 4-link installed....

Rick Ingram

A different view of the Classic Conversions install.....the battery box on rubber bumoered cars needs to be altered to allow free travel of the upper right link

Rick Ingram

I have the Hoyle kit both front and rear and know of at least two other cars not far from here with the same set up. It is very well made and fits without any modification to the car at all, other than a small welding job on the front cross member. The IRS reduces the rear unsprung weight by more than a half and controls the rear wheels completely. The car now rides like a modern car and no longer hops over humps and bumps. And as a bonus, you get rear disc brakes.
Mike Howlett

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