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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 4.0 Rover Conversion

I have aquired a 1999 Discovery II engine with the complete engine management system with only 5500 miles that I plan to install in my 77 B. This has (I believe) the Bosch Mototronic system. Has anyone done this conversion yet? I have not been able to locate any info as of yet. My primary concern is hood clearance. Another area is the timming is handled by a crankshaft sensor located on the flywheel. The engine had an automatic trans and I want to use a 5spd. I will need to locate a flywheel and presure plate for the manual trans that is compatible but no manual Discovery II's were imported to the us. The fun begins!
Thanks Scott
Scott Shirk

John Eales may well be able to help:-

J E Developments
Claybrook Mill
Frolesworth Lane
Claybrook Magna
Lutterworth Leicestershire LE17 5DB
Telephone +44 (0) 1455 202909
Nigel J S Steward


Have a look at Nick Smallwoods conversion, he has used a 4.0 Rover and his site details all the required mods.
Good luck.

K.R Jackson

Kevin, thanks for Nick's web site. He has already been some help on the flywheel challenge. I have now discovered that 4.0 has additional challenges in the oil pump/filter area. From what I am finding, it is different from the 3.9 & 3.5 variations and adapters are not available.
Scott Shirk

All the parts from the earlier engines will swap over onto the 4.0L. I had to do this as there was no way the injection system would fit under the hood. I ended up using a carb and the sd1 timing cover.


David J. Ellis built a beautiful steel flywheel (17lbs). I have fitted one to my 3.5.

The 1988-94(?) FI system will clear the bonnet with machining of the plenham as detailed in the archives. Obviously, a carb on a 215 or aftermarket intake will also work.

The front cover will fit if you are willing to reposition the steering rack, otherwise, any of the non-serpentine covers- 215, Buick 300, Rover- will fit & you will have to use a conventional distributer.
Jim Stuart

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