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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 4bbl intake for GM 60 degree V6

I know Edelbrock makes one, but was wondering if there are any other options available.

It looks like Weiand doesn't offer one, and I can't find an Offenhauser website (been told they don't have a website).

Does anyone else make a 4bbl intake for the GM 60 degree V6?

Glenn Kendall

None that I no of, but you might want to go to the website and ask there. there are a lot of guys there that have been messing with the 60 degree motor with carb style induction.
andy heston

Glenn, Also join us on the 60/V6 forum , you can find and ask info there too..

I once recieved some info from a fellow that shows that Offy once made a 4bbl manifold for our 60 degree motors. Just like the Edelbrocks, these can only beused with the cast iron heads. The Offy unit is NLA, so the Edde is the only once to choose. On the V6 forum
you can find info about shorter upper intake halves that allow the whole motor to sit under the bonnet without any problems.
Good Luck,
BMC Brian McCullough

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.
Glenn Kendall

You could also use a TBI setup. I did this for my Isuzu Trooper with the 2.8V6.
Aquire a 2.8 TBI manifold,
bore out the openings to 52mm. Install a 4.3 throttle body. Extra air and fuel! The same setup works well on the 3.4 too.
Use the 3.4 cam for best results.
Kelly Combes

Kelly, wouldn't a TBI require a computer? I'd be in way over my head with all that's involved with that, so I'm planning on going with the 390cfm Holley.

I'd really like to put a 327 in it because I have a couple of spare sbc's laying around, but there isn't much positive in the archives or anywhere else about using that engine. Seems like the 302 Ford is the popular American V8. I'd think stiffer front springs would help compensate for the extra weight, but the general opinion is to avoid the Chevy V8.

I'm still in the planning stage now, digging up info on the 2.8-3.4L V6's and looking at what other guys have done.

If I do this I'll want to use a F-body V8 T-5 for the OD gear and keep the stock banjo rear and wire wheels, so it's not intended as a 1/4 mile car. I also need to find out if the V8 T-5 can be hooked up to the 60 degree V6 - I think it can with the proper bellhousing, but it seems like I read something about different input shafts...that 327's getting more tempting all the time.

It's a lot to think about. Thanks again.

Glenn, the V8 T5 should be a bolt on. The 60V6 came with a T5 in the Camaro and Firebird. A good transmission if not subjected to too much torque. Check out the book "Chevy Power" which is available through your local Chevy dealer. There is a small section on the 60 degree engine which covers some interesting things about this engine. Early S10's used a non-computer distributor which you will need.
Bill Young

Thanks Bill. I should start looking for a V6 HEI since they're only getting harder to find. I've done a little research on the V6 and the parts aren't as interchangeable as with the V8. I'll look into the Chevy Power book. There's also another book on the GM 60 degree V6 by Tom Currao, but it's out of print. I think a 3.4 is a little tricky because of compression issues with the heads and pistons, but a carburated 3.1 with iron heads may be possible.

Yes it does require a computer. Not that difficult if you know the systems. If not, you may want to stick with the carb. A carb is a little more "period" too.

Kelly Combes

All of the cast iron head V6 engines with FI can be converted to carb and an early S-10 distributor.
One of the advantages of using a carb is that you can use a more agresive camshaft.

Crane cams make alum roller rocker arms in 1.5 ratio or 1.6 ratio. Also availble are the stamp steel rollers tips from Crane.
Crowder cams, Comp cams,crane cams. All of them have camshafts for the V6.

The 3.4 is very capable of producing 200 + hp with a carb.
Bill Guzman

I had to go so I did not finish the previous insert.

TBI is actually simple, a 4.3 V6 harness can be use.
The harness can be purchase from Painless wiring, tell them that you will be using it on a 2.8-3.4 V6 They will tell you which computer to use.
All of the wires come label and can only be plugged into the right conector, actually it's very simple.

Bill Guzman

Thanks for the advice, but I'm going to use a carb because I'm intimidated by computers, especially when they're in cars.

Bill, are there hood clearance problems with carbutetted V6?

Depending where you are located in Va., You may want to go to the show at the Rocks State Park, near Belair Md. There are always several V8 and V6 cars there. The show is on the 27th of Sept and is always excelant. The info number for the show is Mike at 410-592-8610. E-mail is You will find cars there using Bill Guzmans kit plus some built before his kit became available. I'll probably drive mine there although it is not really show condition, perhaps someday!
John D

Glenn, there is room for a snorkol type air cleaner and actually this type of air cleaner is much better due to the fresh cool air. Yes with this type of air cleaner the hood will close.

The other option is to use the top from Garret, he sell the short version of the Edelbrock top section of the manifold, with this piece in place you can bolt a regular air cleaner.

If you send me an e-mail I will send you a picture of the air cleaner.
Bill Guzman

How does a 2.8 run with the 390CFM Holly 4 barrel? Holly's formula to choose a carburator puts that combination beyond what they suggest in CFM.
James Wiebe

I have been running a 390 on my 2.8 for about 1 year. It runs great. You will need to play with the jets to fit your engine. I have done quite a bit of work on my motor so my jetting is different than a stock 2.8..

I was advised to use the 390 by Bill Guzman when I purchased my kit.
I designed a lower top for the edelbrock manifold so I can keep the 390 under a stock hood. Works well and looks stock.


Glenn: I plan on attending the Rocks show with my '72 B/3.4L V6. Would be more than happy to discuss the installation with you and show you how it sits. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions. Mines been on the road for over 2 years now.
Bob Fish

John and Bob, thanks for the invitations to the show in Belair. I don't know now whether or not I can make it, but I'll try. Should be fun and educational.

Bill, I sent you an e-mail requesting the picture of the air cleaner.

Garret, I'm glad your 8007 Holley works, that's what I'm planning on using.

I'm still in the homework stage, but I did snag the last two non-computer 2.8 HEI's from a junk yard last Sunday. It looks like the Crane adjustable vacuum advance for a Chevy V8 points distributor can be trimmed to fit the V6 HEI. I'll tinker with that tomorrow.

Thanks for the help.

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