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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 5 bolt hub conversion

I have a v8 with five bolt hubs and I would like to convert my otherwise stock 4 banger to five bolt hubs. The V8 5 bolt front hubs are aluminum and i'd like to get aluminum hubs for the 4 banger also if possible. they were given to me so I have no info on how they were aquired. how is the availabilty, what are the sources and what should I expect for price.
Don Thorpe

Don, measure the bolt patrter on thos 5 lug wheels, that will help you narrow it down. I BELIEVE all years of Porsche 944 are a direct bolt on swap, they use the same bearings and everything for the front end. Even the wheels will fit least they did for one poster.
Larry Embrey

The MGB has the same dia. on the axle stub as the Chev Camaro from 1968 to 70 Some machining is required.
Alum hubs can be purchase from Wilwood that fit the Camaro They also required a 1 inch spacer to maintain the same track. With the Wilwood hubs then you can choose any hat and rotor to fit the hubs. This is what some Cobra replica cars are using. I have not used this swap but I am contenplating the idea of making some custom hats and rotors to fit the B.

I tried a Camero hub and yes it fits the B.
Bill Guzman

I used the Porsche hubs and rotors and rims from a Porsche 944. It fits nice but you are stuck with the Porsche 5 bolt pattern which is quite unique. The bolt circle is 130mm. I sent you some pics if you want. I only got the front finished and working on the rear. Thinking on using the IRS setup with a Ford Merkur diff.
Werner Van Clapdurp

Bill, I am confused. Are you saying the rotor off a 67-69 F body will fit, or are you saying the rotor off of a 70 1/2-81 will fit? I just didn't understand the 68-70 notation and would really like to know what goes directly on. I don't care as much about the caliper as building a bracket wouldn't be rocket science.

Werner, Just a quick note to mention that I thought all the Merkurs came with a single track rear end. I know you can get a Cosworth center section from England, but other than that, I don't know of any posi units. You may want to consider the 8.8 out of a SuperCoupe. They are hard to find in the junk yard, but they are supposed to be pretty tough. I know of one Merkur that just did the first swap to the 8.8 center section.

Thanks all!


Galen, the rotor (hub and rotor are one piece on the F body) from a 1968 to 1970 1/2 will fit the MGB front spindle.
The rotor will have to be machine about a 1/4 of an inch so that the cotter pin aligns with the hole (No shims needed to adjust the end play) This will change the track about one inch. To keep the stock track measurements a 1" spacer will be needed.

E-mail if you need more info.
Bill Guzman

On the subject of 5 bolts hubs, I was behind a 1989 Jaguar Vanden Plas in the car wash today (I was not in the MG) and noticed the beautiful bolt-on wire wheels on the car. The fellow said he never had trouble with them gettin' out of balance or shaking while driving. I wish I had them on my '69 roadster.
P.S. I had never heard of a Vanden Plus before seeing this one today. (One with wire wheels for sale one eBay: #1808055235)

Thanks for the info about the Merkur but I am planning on installing a LSD from Quaife in this diff.
Hope this will not brake the bank as Quaife is and the medium $$$.
Werner Van Clapdupr


Just a quick note that I believe that you can get the posi units from England for not a whole lot of cash, but don't know all the complete info. I am a member of and I see a lot of discussion on the Merkurs over there. There is also the Merkur Encyclopedia that would have a lot of info if you really want the IRS from it. Also, I am installing the 2.3 turbo in my MG and am thinking about getting a Merkur XR4Ti for everyday transportation. They are nice cars that are overlooked over here in the US.


I agree with you on the Merkur. I have 2 friends at work who drive a Merkur. There is a MGB equipped with a Merkur engine. A lot of work to get the exhaust to clear the rails. Looked very strong.
If I need info on the Merkur diff, I call you!
werner Van Clapdurp

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