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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Air cleaner choice?

The clearance under my hood for the air cleaner is really, really tight. I have a 74 CB V8 (Rov4.2) which I believe has a hood with less curvature than the later cars; this may be part of the problem. Anyhow, so that the air cleaner stops hitting the hood and annoying me, I need to get a different one. Any suggestions as to thin air cleaners that allow good flow, or are those two things mutually exclusive?

The car has an Edelbrock 500 carb with a manual choke. Edelbrock does make a very thin, and very inexpensive, triangular foam with metal mesh surround air cleaner that breathes from the top as well as the sides. Would that be a good choice?

I ask because I seem to remember being told that except for racing, foam air cleaners do not provide adequate motor protection. Certainly I'm not willing to modify the stock hood. Many thanks.
Mike Weld

Mr Gasket makes a low profile aircleaner that goes straight on to the Edelbrock and is about 12 inches in diameter and less than 2 inches high. This is the one I use and if you need a part number I can dig it up for you. I think it's possible you may need a banjo fuel fitting for the carb but I'm not sure.


Yes I would like the part number please.



I got the following from Martyn
"An air cleaner that works well is a Mr. Gasket (Daytona) 14" dia (2" tall element) low-rider. Part #5245."

I have been in touch with Mr. Gasket and they do not have a picture for this part. However they do have 3 other ones which seem to fit the bill. 14" dia 2 1/4" height. Part #1480, #4339 and #4340. These will fit a
Edelbrock 1404 (500cfm) with a 5 1/8"carb neck. I am just waiting for prices to be e-mailed to me now.



Hi folks
Sorry for not getting back to you...was on holidays. Part number for my aircleaner is BY4339 as mentioned above. It is a 14 inch air cleaner by the way and not 12 as I previously mentioned.

Most of the "low rider" style of air cleaners will work if you throw the element away & buy a 2-1/4" replacement from K & N. Air flow is increased over the cheap paper filters & it is re-usable.

You will need a banjo fitting to clear the air cleaner if using a Carter or Edelbrock/Webber carb. It is sold by Summit Racing & others as an Edelbrock accessory.

If your carb has an electric choke, you will need to make a slice or 2 in the air cleaner base & bend a little to clear. A bit of duct tape will seal the gaps, and a bit of work with a razor blade on the element may be required.

Additional hood(bonnet) clearance may be obtained by trimming or moving the center hood brace.
Jim Stuart

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