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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Air conditioning question

Hi All,
I am trying to plumb my A/C system (Hot Rod Air Elite) and I need a #10 beadlock female fitting with a 180 degree bend. the best I can find is 135 degrees. Basically I need to have a fitting that goes back on itself (180 degrees).....any ideas??
Tony Bates


Wayne Pearson

Tony...Take a look at this link. Jim Stuart has installed several Vintage Air, etc units into his V8 conversions....he may have some ideas....

rick ingram

Wayne - the guys at Atco products were really helpful and have one of their distributors trying to locate one for me - thanks for the lead.
Rick - no luck with Vintage Air or Hot Rod Air.
Old Air Products are checking to see if they can make one for me.
Napa also have a 180 degree #10 hose splice which I have ordered as a last resort.
Thanks to all for your help.
Tony Bates


I tried to find a 180 & did some re-routing of the hoses.

I do have some pictures somewhere if you get to a particular problem. Feel free to E-mail or call.
301 948 7066 Leave a clear message & I will call you back.

Jim Stuart

tony, when i did the ac in the wifes mga i needed all custom fittings and angles, is there a PIRTEK shop in your area? i went there and they gave me the right fittings based on the parts i brought in, they custom made all my hoses and fittings for less than $150.00. good luck, jim
james madson

Hi James, no Pirtek stores anywhere near me but they sound like just what I need. I have a alocal A/C shop that will crimp the fittings onto the hoses for me but I have to source all the parts.
Tony Bates

pirtek mainly does high pressure hydraulics for heavy machinery, try and find a local hydraulic repair shop and i am sure you could get what ever fitting or angle you need, if the description you gave is correct i would be happy to stop at the shop by me and see if they have what you are after, jim
james madson

Hi James,
The guys at Old Air Products have helped me out and they have manufactured a fitting to exactly my spec's for $30 (v. about $6 for a standard part).
Thanks for the kind offer, it looks like I am all sorted out.
Tony Bates

glad to hear you got it sorted, get it done so you can get out and drive it, i'am envious up here with 8" of new snow today, jim
james madson

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