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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Alloy Radiator

I know many of you have used the Mid 60's Ford Falcon & Mustang rads. I just ruined my D&D 4 row Rad, long story to due with axel stands, jack slipping etc.
Summit has a 2 row, 1"tube alloy rad for the Fords and was wondering if any one had used it. Price looks good $250, here is the number SUM-380461. How much altering was needed for those who have used the Ford rads.

Mike Stemp

I used the Falcon/Mustang radiator. It fits between the frame rails, I just needed to trim the mounting strips down the side. It's a "tall" rad, I'm using a MGC hood and it still hangs out the bottom !.
Tony Bates

Thanks Tony.
I take it then that with out the MGC hood I would be even lower on the bottom, as in below the crossmember?

If your end tanks are undamaged and salvageable, I'd think about investigating a repair/recore to your existing rad before jumping into an entirely different rad configuration - might be cheaper in the long run.
Graham Creswick

Just the bottom tank is smashed, core seems OK. Rad shops want $100 to fix so its not that bad but you get into that 'for only $150 more I can have new and alloy....'
Tony, my rad now is 18.25" so the summit one is 2" taller. That would put the bottom almost even with the front crossmember, just lower that the valance pannel.
I will probably fix what I have for now but others may be able to use the Summit Rad. I may go that route after the heat starts here again. Just getting the car finshed now so not sure how it will be for cooling. Car is 4.6L Rover with Buick 300 pump, RV8 Headers, mech fan and D&D copper/Brass 4 core rad.



Hi Mike,
Yes, my rad is level with the bottom of the cross member
Tony Bates

For less money you can get a thicker (3" core) alloy radiator - Afco AFC-80105N - $230.


or for mine sitting in an MGA:
Bill Spohn

Hi Mike from a fellow Houstonian,

Can't help you with the mustang radiator info directly. You might contact Ron Redding though at 5R restorations -- he does British restorations & V8 conversions. He's out in Brookshire. Phone number is 281-346-2417. Likely can tell you what radiators he's found to both fit & be effective in the Houston heat.

Keep in touch... you're probably ahead of me in your conversion, but it'd be good to share info on local sources, who does good work, who to stay away from, etc. I've found good local places for things like rechroming, narrowing rear ends, drive shafts, etc.


Bill, what is the exact part number from summit?? i could not get the link to work for some reason. does it interfere with your steering rack? that is a double pass crossflow if i am right?

rob, i had my mga one custom made at ron davis racing products in AZ, they make everything out of aluminum, maybe they could repair yours?
james madson

I use Ron Davis for special custom radiators,, perhaps one of the best in the country.
He has a work sheet, put the dimesions you want for your radiator, faxt it to him, you will then get quote for the radiator of your dreams. Made just for your car.
Bill Guzman

James, the link I gave goes the wrong place. Go to summit and search 80105N or AFC-80105N

Yes, it ios a double pass crossflow, and it is shallow enough to fit an MG and about the right width. No idea what specifics would need to be done putting it in an MGB, but it wasn't all that hard in an MGA.

Think I posted this before, but here is the rad sitting in the A before I made up the mounts for it - at least you can see sizes.
Bill Spohn

thanks bill, i was intersted in it for an MGA, ron davis is good but the same unit form them is 2 times that amount. still not sure how it fits with you steering rack?
james madson

That rad fits well in fornt of the steering - I moved it right up against the bodywork so I'd have lots of room and less trouble ducting it.

On an MGA with stock body, you'd want the rad up against the channel that carries the bonnet latch, and then you'd have to cut back the horizontal panel tp clear the lower rad tank, at whatever angle you decided to mount the radiator.

An example is my Twincam race car - see

I moved the rad right up front. It is a specially made rad using early MGB tanks for top and bottom with a double thickness core. I don't run a thermostat or bypass, and I have trouble getting it UP to temperature even on warm days while others are boiling over.
Bill Spohn

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