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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Almost there!

Today the car almost came to life. I did get to crank it over and watch the oil pressure pop up, I had previously primed it with a drill and shaft. For some reason, there is no spark from the coil, so its either that's bad or the wiring somewhere, I'll try and figure it out next week.

Turned out to be some corrosion on the contacts of the new set of points that I installed. Little sand paper and now good continuity. I'm waiting for my jumper cables now, maybe it will start tonight....

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 ,2, ........

Shouldn't that count-down be from 8?
Paul Hunt

Tonight was the night, I'd like to announce the birth of a new MGB V8, its a 3.5L, BW T5 tranny, midnight blue and it ran for the first time tonight. Oil pressure popped up to 50 psi, which surprised me. I was going to post a thread entitled "There!!" but I do have to get a new heater valve, as it leaks, as well as seal a bolt in the timing cover/water pump, because coolant drips from it. Looks like I'll drain the cooling system tomorrow and do that. Anyways, I'm excited to have it run. So heres a question, what is the standard break in procedure for one of these engines? RPM limit? Retorque heads?

Congratulations to the proud Father. Since it's blue it must be a boy.
Interesting to hear about the heater valve. Mine did exactly the same, as did the replacement after 4 months. The current one is holding however I suspect the MG item is close to its limit maybe, even though in theory it should be OK. When this one goes I'm going to get a stainless ball valve from a valve a fittings shop and adapt it.

When I broke in my 302 with a flat tappet cam (like a rover) the recommended procedure was to run the motor at a steady rpm of 1500-2000rpm for approx 20min. I found this impossible due to cooling issues and did two 10min runs which I was told later was fine. the key was steady rpm for initial run in of the cam. IF the motor is new I would also keep it under 3k for the 1st 500-1000miles as well.
Larry Embrey

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