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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Alternative engine, what and why?

Im researching a V8 build. Theres heaps of different formulas out there as well as block types. Aside from V8 blocks theres all kinds of engines bieng shoe horned into our beloved MG's. Kind of got me thinking..

So if you had the choice of any engine and time to do it- What would you put in your MG and why?
JS Ahlund

I used a Rover 3.9 for my conversion.

If I had it to do over, I would probaby use a small block Ford because of the aftermarket support and performance parts available.

Rick Ingram

I totally agree with Rick - the aftermarket support for a 'keeper's car' is the prime consideration. There are some really 'attractive' engines which could be made to fit but the spares support for modern cars is ended quite quickly after production stops so unless there is an after-market following like MGOC, there could be supply problems. In your neck of the woods both Volvo and Saab make super engines ??
R Walker

Reay nice car Rick! Love the paint work too.

Interesting point about replacement parts. Rover parts are easy enough to source as well as MGB and of course Ford.

Well, up here theres plenty of volvo spares about, probably enough to sink a few battleships. The old B20 engines are highly sought after for custom builds and give very reliable BHP. The modern engines are good too I guess. Ive always thought they were a bit on the heavy fuel comsumption side myself though.

SAAB? well basically theyve had a few rough years and have now ended up in the hands of that Russian billionaire. So no longer a Swedish company I wreckon that could signal the final nail in the coffin lid seeing a lesser quality and availabilty of original SAAB parts.
Theyre not worth very much over here now, even a trade in could see a SAAB owner paying the car dealer to take a SAAB off thier hands. Ive owned a few they were good fun in the winters on the ice roads, I liked the sound of thier engines really was like sitting in a jet plane!

Myself I toyed a while with the idea of A 3ZFE v6 Toyota engine but couldnt bring myself to do that to an MG no matter how good a quad cam engine might be. I will be sticking to a Rover concept of sorts I think.
JS Ahlund

Toyoda produce update models every 4 to 6 years. Good engines - great gearboxes. Dare to be different.

The Rover/Buick is very thirsty (by comparison)
R Walker

I agree with you Roger and on the Toyota hybrid engine scene very exciting v8 /v10 quad cam swaps have been done the past few years especially with the Mr2 mk1 and mk2. A suitably small car mid engined and weighing around 800 kg's. It is very intriguing.

Basically given the time and effort you could shoe horn ANY engine within reason into an MGB! Toyota swaps have been done with success as we know, Maybe we will see a few more!

Roger, If your interested in a good read and some great build threads packed with pictures and sound engineering solutions-

- This friendly bunch really know their way around a quad cam engine.

JS Ahlund

Yes - it's a good read. Whatever route you go - the Toyada gearboxes are VERY high in the pecking order.
R Walker

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