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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Alternator mounting

I found an old Delco in my shed that I guess I got when I picked up the body for my V8 last year. Anyways I decided to have it checked and it puts out close to 100 amps. Id like to run this alt. instead of the 35A English Delco Remy. All I have to mount it with is the factory V8 mounting cradle. Does anyone make a bracket set to mount this style alternator? Or will I have to fabricate something myself? Its the US Delco, like a 10SI. Thanks.
Jake Voelckers

Jake, I used that same alternator on my V6 conversion. It's very adaptable, you can rotate the back half of the housing to four different positions to get the plug where you want it. I had to make a mounting, but that was on a Chevy V6 and the electrical hookup is very straight forward. Maybe someone else can give you details on mounting on the V8 or contact Dan at D&D.


P>S> That plug is available in the parts houses under the MotoMight line.

Perhaps easier than fabbing a bracket: an awfully good solution seems like the Iskra something-or-other alternator that Joern mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Looks like a factory V8 alt & fits into the stock bracket, but has 2.5 times the oomph.

After rebuilding the alternator today, I put it up to the v8 alt. bracket and by turning up upside down, with the one small ear on the bottom, it mounts just fine and the pulleys line up perfect. All I have to do now is find a way to support the rear of it. Thanks for the help.
Jake Voelckers


Use a 1/4 thick by 1 inch metal bar stock and bend a short piece of it 90 degrees. Drill 2 holes one in each end. I would measure,drill holes,bend,then cut off the end you need from the remaining bar stock. FWIW

Thats just what I was thinking but making it with two right angles so that it mounts to the rear where there is a threaded hole and then snakes underneth so it can bolt under the head of the cradle mounting bolt. That way when I need to adjust it out, all I have to do is loosen both bolts and the adjusing arm instead of having to fight to reposition a support bracket. ☺

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