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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Alternators - Whats new?

I have read the archives. I have the original Delco DN460 43A Alternator.
I plan on changing the radiator hoses and fans in the near future. One of the electric fans decided to die on me. I have been able to find two rebuilt units. Getting the set screws out looks to be challenging. I am just curious if there is a current replacement people are using for the alternator.

Bob Scott

1 wire Delco style (Chevy) from Jeggs or Summit or D & D.

Price in chrome about $100.00.

Standard Delco, new or rebuilt, chrome or plain, 55-120 amps, '70's GM available almost everywhere from $40.00 to $200.00.
Jim Stuart

I have one of the original style alternator cradles, and what I have found to suit my needs and car is one from a Mercury Capri, fits the cradle and has the three wire plug in the back as per the later MGB's and maybe the V8. For more specific info, check my site,

Jim and jake.

Thanks for the comments
Bob Scott

There are some good Japanese alternators on the market which are quite small for the output. I ran one from a Geo Metro for quite some time until I added fuel injection and thought I might need a higher output, so I upgraded from the 27 to a 43 amp unit, Nippondenso I think similar to what was on the early Mitsubishi Eclipse. Very small alternator, more than ample space to mount it to the front of the left side head with spacers and a long bolt, plus a support bracket and an adjustment link.

Just another idea,

Jim Blackwood

Go ahead and get the highest output alternator that you can find which fits. They don't take any more horse power to turn unless you need the higher amperage output. It will keep your battery charged even when using the fans, radio, lights, and other electrical devices.
Bill Young

I have a Geo Metro alternator on my 4 cylinder car and I like it a lot. It put out 55 amps on the test bench and is tiny. I paid $7.00 for it at the U-Pull It.


I have a Delco 63 amp alternator on my MGB, works great. However if you want an alternator that charges at low RPM (idling) check out the newer GM units called CS series. FWIW Alan ...Got one on my Astro van - a CS 130 delivers 95 amps The reason GM changed to this newer design was the OD transmissions have the engines turning at a lower RPM and they (GM) wanted to make sure that the battery is fully charged at all times because the ECM needs a steady reference signal to run the fuel injection unit.
These alts will make that old Lucas wiring straighten right out!

Check out this link.

I have a very strong preference for Japanese alternators... The Nippondenso unit on my Buick motor was from an old Chevy Sprint (before they rebadged that model as a "Geo". As I recall, the Sprint had a 3 cylinder Suzuki motor, didn't it?) As you'd expect, it's tiny and weighs next to nothing, but it's more than adequate and I've never had a single problem. I installed it on simple home-made mounts back in '92. It didn't cost me a penny - the junkyard threw it in 'cause I was buying other stuff. (Fans?) They even let me cut the car's wiring harness, so I got the electrical connector free too. Apparantly they weren't seeing much demand for these little beauties.


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