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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - another MGB V8 on Ebay

There is a nice looking MGB GT V8 on ebay
Evan Amaya

Is it just me or does she sit real high on the Right front?? wrong spring maybe?? I like the look of that front end though, chrome bumper set-up without the bumper..
Larry Embrey

Check the bid history, the bidder's handle is a little too similar to the seller ID, plus the bidder has retracted 3 times. Looks kinda shady to me.

They are both from Canada and both registered within a few days of each other. There is no doubt that the person selling the car is bidding on it himself, but why would he be so obvious about it? And why would he risk getting busted by eBay for bidding on his own items? Just having a second bogus account is grounds for being banned by eBay.
Steve Simmons

steve, you are most correct, it looks like an okay car but no way is it worth 22k, but than if we could all sell our cars for what we have in them what a greta life we would have, this fellow with the car for sale, sam is his name i believe, has had a v8 roadster, same look with sebring kit, biscuit interior etc and also a look alike rdstr with a warmed up 2.0L mgb engine in it, he has been selling these 2 rdstrs for a couiple years both on ebay and other sites, last year he wanted to trade me one of my classic mini's for his v8 car, iwas midlly intersted until he said he wante dme to give him my mini, which i did sell for 11k, and also 8k in cash, us dollars , i had a good laugh over that. he is quite the wheeler dealer, last i heard he told me he sold the mgb engined car and also traded the v8 car to someone for something different, that was over year ago and i see oner of these in the background of the picture i think, will be interesting to see if it shows up again, jim
james madson

Based on the bidding and retractions, it looks like the reserve is $22k!!
Tony Bates

Funny how the car has been " taken down to the bare metal" and the engine bay (inner fender and rad support) appear to be the original mgb red and not the candy apple he has on the outside?
Probably the light...who would spend the time and effort listed and not paint the engine bay?

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