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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Anti Tramp Bars 2

Following discussions on this board, I decided to invest in an Anti Tramp kit from (the company who I believed to be) the leading MG parts supplier in the UK.

What arrived can only be described as abysmal cr*p.
The link bars were made of tube so thin it would just bend in half if used for the purpose intended. The welding of the bush sleeves to the tubes was so bad it left me speechless and of the bushes fitted 3 were the wrong size. As for the rest of the parts although constructed OK the paint was flaking off before I removed from the box (when I was expecting powder coating).

Has anyone else come across this with the AntiTramp kit, as their R&D dept say they have not had any previous complaints on the product, which I find unbelievable given the dreadful quality of the item supplied to me.
C J Bond

Send them back. Do not perpetuate the acceptance of mediocre & substandard goods.
Carl Floyd

Although it was 10 or more years ago i ordered mine from the leading UK MG-parts distributer too, i remember that i sent them back 3 times. The fourth set that came was O.K. and they are still straight and work fine.
May be you should ask the leading Welsh V8&RV8-Parts distributer for items like this as he knows about quality and owners demads.


I had the same problems, same product and same distributor.
I'm in California and shipping them back was just too costly, so I will have to fix them myself.
Tony Bates

OK...Enough of the phantom supplier, even though we all ***probably*** know who it is....I doubt if it's libel to name names if the product has truly been proven to be defective....please do the list a favour.
rick ingram

Moss UK in my case
Tony Bates

Also Moss UK

CJ I had a four link for the rear axle made for one of my cars by in polished stainless tube for under 200 a few years back, give them a spec and they will make it.
dk lowe

Yes, its Moss.

Thanks DK, I'll give them a call.

C J Bond

This will solve your problems and then some.


I agree with David from Florida. I am hoping to use the 4 link on my next project. The price seems very reasonable.
M Mallaby

I worry about roll oversteer with a 4-link. I'd want to drive one before I bought it.

Neil, there is no oversteer with this 4 link. It does have roll steer which much different. The parallel 4 link and panhard rod do have oversteer do to binding of the links.
Bill Guzman

Hi Bill,

I've just been looking at your 4-link set up. Would it fit an MGA?

C J Bond

It may, but not sure. Botton link would be longer due to longer leaf sorings, mounting on the axle shoud be the same, upper mount I am not sure and will be checking. Have lots of requests from MGA owners.

Will have an answer for you soon, waiting for a MGA to come by here in the next couple of weeks if not sooner.
Bill Guzman


Could you e-mail when you have some news.


C J Bond

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