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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - anyone have an MGB V8 near Cambridge UK?

Hello to all, I am staying with family in Cambridge for the next few weeks and just wanted to see if anyone in this area has an MGB V8. I have a BV8 in the garage back in North Carolina but wouldn't mind seeing/meeting some guys here. If so you can email me.
Evan Amaya

You may know this already, but the MGOC headquarters are in Cambridge. It has a shop, a garage and probably loads of cars too. Best go without cash so you're not too tempted !

Octagon House, Swavesey, Cambridge, CB4 5QZ
Tel: 01954 231318

j w mcglynn

evan, if you go to the mgoc, say hi to andrew hooper for me, great fellow. how far are you fro birmingham, i have a bgtv8 there that i may be purchasing tomorrow, jim
james madson

Cambridge to Birmingham is about 100 miles on some of the busiest roads in Britain. Expect to take a minimum of 2 hours.
Mike Howlett

If you contact MGOC they are said to be very accomodating to any visitors (particularly overseas) - may even have some test driveable cars, although i wouldn't be able to qualify that.

Worth a try if you are feeling homesick? ;->


I am planning on visiting the MGOC on Tuesday so I will find out what they let me do. It will be good fun either way.
Evan Amaya

Hi Evan,

Give Roger Parker a ring at the MGOC - he's a good guy and will happily chat for a little while. You might like to try the latyest MGOC MGB V8 conversion with power steering.

I thought it's quite nice. Any further comments would be appreciated.

Good luck

P L Hills

I live North Essex, around 45 mins to Cambridge City.
Got a BGT V8 conversion. Be most happy to meet up if possible.
Contact details:
Richard E

I went to visit the MGOC today and found it a wonderful experiance. I was shown the wear house...the hole nine yards. they have a stack of brand new bodyshells at the back of the lot, even MGBV8 shells all NEW!!!! Their power steering rack was very nice.
Evan Amaya

Evan, did you mean to say they had new RV8 shells? Love to have one of those!
Bryan Heidtman

Hey Bryan,
the body shells are custom units built for the MGOC. they are MGB bodies but with the RV8 suspension mods, reinfoced subframe, rv8 exhaust holes, and R380 transmission tunnel. they are very nice.
I have a container leaving the UK, Oct 20 if anyone wants parts from the MGOC. Just a thought.
Evan Amaya

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