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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - anyone think a RV8 would sell in the US?

I have a few containers coming over from England and I have a little room left. I was thinking about buying a RV8 and sell it when I get it here as a "well restored MGB". It would have to be sold for at least $20K to cover my costs. does anyone know if this is to much or not. I have spent at least $18K on my MGBV8.
See you all in Townsend


I'm sure that it would generate interest, but is it licensable in the States?

See you on the Dragon!

rick ingram

You cannot import an RV8 until it is 25 years old.
The Wiz

Hi Evan,

We missed ya at the last V8 Meet, so looking forward to Townsend.

I say put some MGB numbers on it from a wrecked one, who would know the dif?! :)
Carl Floyd

I would
The Fed

Sorry - I'm gonna have the first. :-)

(Legal one, that is).
The Wiz

You can always re-assemble one here and title it as an assembled car. That's basically what Scott Miller in Ohio did.

evan, have worked with another board member about bring 2 or more of them over, i am not into LR's like you but i have imported over 50 minis and other cars in the last 5 years. they can be had for less than 1/2 of the uk cost on the daily auctions in japan, as almost 3/4 of them produced ended up in the JDM this is a better route to go. how much room do you have in the container? i have my bgt-v8 waiting to be shipped and would like to talk to about it as i do not really want to do roro with it. if you would please pm me or you can call me at 612-267-5815, jim
james madson

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