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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - B-V8 4.9/6sp up in smoke

Took my B to the paint shop to get the hood & factory hardtop painted monday, cked on it today & was told it will be done fri. BUT the shop went up in fire at 3pm. thurs. I had to sell this car in 91 to buy the old ladys 1/2 of the house, got it back in 95 & said I would NEVER SELL HER, but now she is gone for good, what a way to go.
Glenn Towery

My condolences Glenn...This was not the proper ending for a car that had so much effort put into it and with so much history....
Mike Maloney

what a bummer, i hope you are covered for it.
james madson

Man, that really sucks. Have you put out a hit on the idiot who started the fire yet? You could probably get contributions! (Just kidding about the hit of course.)

Jim Blackwood

More condolences, Glenn. Hope the paint shop had insurance.
Carl Floyd

Glenn, that really sucks. Can't even imagine how frustrated, disappointed, and probably angry you are... may be tough to see now, but experience has taught me bad things usually come back around to be seen as good things or opportunities when viewed down the road. I do hope you &/or the shop had insurance that will cover it... maybe you'll get to rebuild it changing those things that you'd thought you'd do differently if you did it again.

Sorry to hear about the car.

Steve Carrick

What rotten luck. On the bright side though the shop is going to be insured (or are libel!) Given your documented past efforts to retrieve the car, you've got a very good case for putting a value on it comeasurate with a top $ "replace the car exactly the same with new parts,including labour". What you've actually got it insured for should not come into it as this is likly to be a reflection on both how well you intended to guard it from theft/dammage & how much you could afford to pay in premiums.

Ck. this out, you think I have problems, the friend that had his shop go up in smoke, with my car in it yesterday, he lost his Dad last week! He lost EVERYTHING in the building. We talked today & he is going to work with me but he only had the 2 year old building insured. I let the tags laps last June (hightest cost to much) BUT got her out to get ready for the V-8 meet) & there was no insurance on her. Thank God NO ONE was hurt. I went & got some pics. & I will post them later. Had her for 20 years & will miss this V-8 for a long time.

More condolences on the loss!..I suppose one mitigating circumstance is that your past posts on this forum have indicated that you have another couple of V8 conversions to fall back on and our collective hope is that one of them gets driven to Tn in June.
Graham Creswick

Glenn, you've had some of the worst luck this last year! Best wishes for at least a partial recovery! I'm pretty sure you have enough parts around to assemble another, which is no consolation, but it'll give you something to do in your spare time! hehehe

Now you can go for the stroked engine, lightened crank & flywheel, ported heads, maybe a 6 speed? Maybe someone will sell you one of your previous builds? there must be another one out there that you would like to have back!
Jeff Schlemmer

Glenn, really sorry. I know the feeling. I really feel for you, my condolences Glenn.

This could be an opportunity for you to build one better.
Bill Guzman

Graham, yes I have 3 other V-8 but NONE like this one. VERY SOLID BODY!!!!!! Very very few as nice &
straight as this one & fast. The only thing that I can say about this is ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG!!!!!

My condolences as well. I know the car had a lot of history along with the miles. Any thing I can do to help, parts or time, let me know.

Jim Stuart
Jim Stuart

Oh God thats awful!
Still I would suggest that you make it clear (if you havn't already) that even if you are prepared to wait you can't afford to give the car to your friend.
He was most irresponsible not to be covered for contents. maybe he was?, given his state of mind he might not have checked properly.
I've often left the car at a workshop and assummed that they were covered, I'll check in future

Glenn - Our cars are part of us! I'm sorry to hear about your loss. What a nightmare!!! Hang in there.
Martyn Harvey


So sorry to hear about your car, she will always be remembered.

Pete Mantell

Hi, Glenn, Add my condolences as well! I hope to see
you in another V8 B at Townsend this June.
Regards and sympathy, Jack
John Renaud

I want to add my condolences as well on losing that woderful car.I do hope you can still make it to TN in June.
Best regards
Gil Price
Gil Price

So sorry to hear of this, Glenn. Damn the luck. I hope to see you when you come to Ponte Vedra with Chris W's 2 litre.



Sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure you'll build a strong replacement. Hope to see you in Townsend in June.

David Cousins


Sorry to hear about your friend's loss of his father. It is hard to mourn the loss of family when the distraction of a disaster on the business front strikes. He lost his father and the means of his livelihood - now that is a bad week.

I feel for you and your toasted MG, but it sounds like you are keeping it in perspective. It was just a thing - a really cool and unique thing, and a part of you, but just a thing. You will build another one.


Brian C.
Brian Corrigan

You might want to check your homeowner's policy - it just MIGHT be covered (personal property stored offsite sometimes is - depends on their definition of personal property)...


I seriously doubt if the V8 would be covered by the homeowners' policy....only the auto policy.

When my house flooded in 1994, two of my MGs sat in water up to the chrome strip for three day.

I had flood insurance for the conents.
My homeowners' insurance specifically escluded motor vehicles. I had maintained comprehensive insurance on the MGs (as they were still in winter storage)- State Farm covered the repairs on those vehicles with no questions asked). State Farm also had my auto policies on my Jeep and Jean's Maxima...those cars were also repaired with no questions asked...BUT..ran through the auto policies (both of which I had "full coverage")

Insurance....a necessary evil in my opinion.

FWIW...Glen...I hope that you fair well in this ordeal. Believe me, I can empathize with you!

rick ingram


It's kinda like a family member has passed on.



If after a fire or flood, it looks like the damaged item was a car. It has to have automotive insurance on it.

This was a questionable issue with my Morgan +8 which has been in boxes in three different locations. Once significant bits got joined together it became a car and the home owners coverage excluded it.
KJ Dodd

Kelvin, as expalained to me by my insurance agent, once the motor is in, it becomes a car...otherwise, its all car parts and covered by Homeowner's.

Glenn, I had no idea this terrible thing had happened. Call you Saturday. Damm.
Paul Hanley

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