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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Boneyard 3.9 rover

There is a 1990 Range Rover sitting in the Cleveland Pull-A-Part junkyard with a Rover 3.9 engine. EFI, look very clean. 149,000 on the odometer. Unfortunately an auto. You have to pull it but they have engine hoists available. price is $131.20! Check
Anyone have a Jaguar posi, 3.56 or 3.70 rear end available?

Kurt Schley

Kurt, Pull-A-Part, where many great conversions are started! Might as well get the Rover, you won't likely find one hooked to a manual box in this country. I've seen several XJs in the local Pull-A-Part over the years, keep looking there for a good deal.
Bill Young

Hi Bill,
My engine inventory is pretty good, so I don't need the 3.9. Hopefully another MG'er will grab it. There were two XJ's at the yard, unfortunately both X models which is the only one with outboard brakes. I am on Pull A Parts "notify if one comes in" list for Jags.
Kurt Schley

Our local version is called Pick'n'Pull but they don't offer any type of inventory check or notificaton. That's a nice service Pull A Part offers.
Bill Young


Maybe Andrew Jackson can get that service? :)
Ryan Reis


I've just noticed what ratios your looking for, they seem very low unless your going to be using it on the drag strip.

The normal ratio to have would be a 3.07 or possibly 3.31 with 15" wheels and tyres with not too low an aspect ratio ie not less than 65 or maybe 60 if your going to use wider rubber. You may be thinking of using a T5 with the .63 5th ratio but first gear will be rather low if i remember correctly.

Kevin Jackson

We cant get a rangey lump over here for less than $300!

Buy it!, you never know a stick may come around at some point.

malcolm watson

Kevin, in my MGB (266" Olds engine) i still have the MGB 3.9 rear end behind a GM T-5. Actually, the gearing is not bad at all. First runs out just a little early, but 5th is great. About 2600 rpm at 70mph. That said, I do think I will look for a 3:56 Jag rear end, not the 3.7. The 302 should have considerably more torque that the aluminum engine.
Malcom, At some point one accumulates just too much stuff. My wife claims this occured about thirty years ago!
kurt Schley

"At some point one accumulates just too much stuff."

Not really, it only appears that way. The truth is you've only run out of storage space. Limited storage space makes it appear that you have too much stuff. There's no such thing as too much stuff.
Dan Masters

"My wife claims this occured about thirty years ago!"

Is Sue referring to the first spousal unit?

rick ingram

Seems to be all the same with the girls. My wife is also wondering about the spares everywhere. There is a simple answer to escape a discussion with this 3/4 majority at home: Just tell her that only a genious (like most MG enthusiasts) can manage this chaos.


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