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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Braking system

My poor old factory system has given out on me. Can someone give me a little information of the way the brake system works? Also if you could point out companies that make after market brake systems and how I might add on of those systems to my MG it would be greatly appreciated.

Your question is a tall order for this BBS.
It would take lots of writing, my best advice to you, is to buy a brake book and start reading.
Buy an MGB manual and request a catalog from British Victoria for your parts to rebuild your brake system.

Then when you have an specific question posted here, I am sure that many members of this BBS will be able to help you.
Bill Guzman

I just finished reading the new Moss Motoring mag, & Moss now has a Wildwood front brake setup for sale for the MGB & TR6. I have not checked out the online catalog but based on the TR6 install article in Motoring, it should be a complete bolt on. Certainly worth checking out. It is a 4 pot caliper.

I have had Wilwood 4 pot calipers & larger ventilated disks at the front, with standard drums at the rear.

I have used this set up for the last 8 years on my factory V8, with 215 bhp which is used mostly for European Classic Rallies.

I use Greenstuff pads; and standard shoes at the rear.
Nigel J S Steward

If it's broken, why not just fix it? They work much the same way as most other cars for dozens of years - you push on a foot-pedal, which applies pressure to hydraulic fluid, which transfers that pressure along a set of pipes and hoses to calipers or slave pistons at each wheel, which press a friction material onto a rotating metal part either a disk or a drum. The pressure may be amplified by a servo, which may be attached to the pedal box or remote, but doesn't make that much difference in either case and can safely be dispensed with.
Paul Hunt

Well.... Moss Motors had both of my brake kits Kelvin Dodd claims that their kit is different and need a special machine rotor to fit on the stock wheel, our uses the stock rotor and are a direct replacement and fit perfectly on the stock wheel and Minilite 14". The prototypes needed some ajustments, (First set which are the sets that Moss Motors had) When Kelvin was notified that we had our brake kit in production, his replied was that they were not interested.
It's sad, we are friends and belong to the same organizations, CCBCC, BMC and BMTA British Motor Trade Ass. Same as XK's Unlimeted which they are great suporters of BMTA members. We could have worked together to create a better product to serve all of you better, which is the intent of BMTA. Now! all we have is a very small business Classic Conversioins Eng. Vs a large business Moss Motors.
I like to say that we need some guiding ethics in our organization BMTA.
Perhaps Moss Motors should have been honest and said that they did no like my brake kits, and they would be working on one of their own and as a courtesy show me their brake kit to asure me that they did not copy mine. Or worked together to create a better product.

I gave my product to Moss Motors in good faith.
For the record, my brake kits have been on the market for over a year.
I will beat Moss Motors prizes on any brake kit for an MGB.

Bill Guzman

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