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Searching for an article on the MGB Berlinette GT (CBW 55B) recently featured in a thread on the MGB General board, I found in the same September 1988 copy of "Enjoying MG" a feature on a V12 Jaguar engine and drive train shoehorned into a '69 GT by one Ken Ward of Marlow, Bucks. Does anyone know if this beautiful beast still exists? If so, where is it now?

Laurie Webb
75 factory V8 2190 Teal Blue
L Webb

I saw this car - or a similar one in a Swiss motor museum (can't remember where), back in 1989. From memory it was black. Haven't seen it since though.

Gavin Bailey.
GS Bailey

There was also a Jag V12 MGB at the V8 meeting near LA that Bill Guzman organised last Spet/Oct (2004)
Tony Bates

The MGB with a V12 Jag engine was on the Web for a long time. It appear to be a nice car.
Tony the car you mention is not a MGB but a MGA with a V12 that is a race car. This car will be feuture in Grass Roots Magazine, the car belongs to one of our members of BMC British Modified Cars Club.
Bill Guzman

In this web page
you can see a red MGB V12 and my friends MGA with a 3.8 Buick which it has been a feuture car in several magazines, Retro car of UK, Road and Track and soon in Total MGB's new magazine and perhaps mine will also appear in total MGB's soon.
Bill Guzman

Hi Bill,
My apologies, when I checked my photo's of the event, it's obvious that it's an "A" not a "B".
Tony Bates

Hi Tony! no need for apologies. Hope to see you at the next event for BMC in Sept.
Bill Guzman


I would like to see the exhaust manifold in this car!

Good luck changing the spark plugs. There must be huge holes in the wheel wells.

Still no-one has been able to report where the black V12 GT, registration SMK 862S is now located. It was a '69 car originally but was re-registered as a '77 car after the engine transplant and extensive rebuild.

Zach, actually the plugs are easily accessible on the Jaguar engine, as they are in the centre of the "V" unlike most V8's.

Laurie Webb
L Webb

Dear All

I too have just come across a copy of the Enjoying MG magazine from Sept 1988, and would lvoe to know what became of SMK 862S. Also saw on the web the Sewdish red V12 MGB. These must be awesome cars! The vehicle is still on the DVLA database, but unlicensed. I hope Ken Ward still has it, and it's in use.

A J Stokell

Have you seen this car?:

Mr. Guzman, Bill, Hi we were in contact by 'e' mail long ago, when I visited your site. Was very taken with a V6 powered MGB GT, alas, The 60 degree V 6 is not readily available here in Oz, but the 90 degree V6 3.7 litre is, Holdens. I was rather put off by the amount of work needed, and the paperwork it would generate to license it! So am now contemplating supercharging. Never-the-less, I have not dropped the idea completely, my thoughts, perhaps I could import a suitable engine? No specific question, just thought this thread might bring about other ideas from every-one. Regards Mike
J.M. Doust

Mike have you contacted a Mr Murray Arundell as he has a 5l Mgb and would probably be able to advise you on local rules etc in Queensland? I'm sure there is some way to get what you want - there usually is!!!

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